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Clove was important in the earliest spice trade. It has been playing a major role in the spice world since the ancient times. They have a strong, sweet aroma, hot & pungent taste. The use of clove in whole or ground form is mainly for culinary purposes and as a flavoring agent in food industry. Its flavor blends well with both sweet and savory dishes. Cloves are ingredients in many classic spice mixtures. Whole cloves are frequently used to flavor cooking liquids for simmering fish, poultry, game and meat. They feature in classic sauces and are used in the bakery industry and the processed meats industry as a ground spice. The antiseptic and antibiotic properties of clove oil are used in medicine especially in dentistry, oral and pharyngeal treatments. It has wider applications in preparations of toothpaste and mouthwashes, soaps and perfumes. It is also reported to help diabetics in sugar assimilations. The clove oil is used to prepare microscopic slides for viewing .It is a strong antiseptic and preservative. It is used to treat flatulence, colic, indigestion and nausea. Eugenol is used in germicides, perfumes and mouthwashes, in the synthesis of vanillin, and as a sweetener or intensifier. It is used in aromatherapy as well.

Material : Organic Spices

Age Range : 1-5 Years

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