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Delicious Homemade Badam Drink!

Deliciously rejuvenating & energizing Kesar Almond Drink to relieve long working day’s stress & tension. It is ideal for pregnant & lactating mothers that helps improve immunity. A great immunity booster & helps in overall development of growing babies, toddlers & kids. Overall, an all-round energy drink suitable for all big or small. Can be cherished hot or cold.
TOTS AND MOMS' Kesar Almond Drink is –
• A delicious & tasty drink
• A immunity booster
• 100% Organic
• Preservative, additive and milk solids free with healthy ingredients

ALMOND - Help improve immune system and brain development.

SAFFRON – Helps improve digestive system, strengthens bones, improves & protects eye-sight

MISHRI SUGAR - Also called as Rock sugar is unrefined form of sugar which relieves cough and is effective towards sore throat.

CARDAMOM - Helps to combat nausea, bloating, acidity, heartburn, loss of appetite, constipation, etc.

Nutritional Values and Health Benefits –
• Rich source of healthy fats
• High in fiber
• Rich source of Vitamin E
• Rich source of Protein
Kesar/ Saffron
• Rich in Vitamin C
• High in Iron & Magnesium

Directions to Use:
Put 2 tsp of powder to a Glass, meanwhile heat 1 cup of milk to boiling point. Add hot milk to the Glass with powder and stir well and cover it
After 3-5 mins serve the milk. Add extra sugar as per taste. Can also be served chilled

Age: 12 months +

Shelf Life:
Best before 4 months from Manufacturing Date