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Bumchum Diaper covers are India's only hybrid diapers that can hold a reusable and disposable insert. These are made from superior cotton spandex and do not need any waterproof covers.

Key features included with the set.

- A cotton/spandex designer diaper cover .These do not require additional pants or any waterproof layer
- An ultra-soft waterproof nylon pouch that holds the nappy pads. The pouch attaches to the pants with Velcro A (120 ml capacity) soft reusable nappy pad for the cover

This set is compatible with a pack of biodegradable, disposable nappies sold separately. Also sold separately is a matching T-shirt with a wide neck for easy wearing and custom length.

Age Range : 3 Months to 15 Months

Size :
Small (3 Months to 6 Months)
Medium (6 Months to 11 Months)
Large (11 Months to 15 Months)

Materials : 95% Cotton 5% Spandex