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Delicious, creamy and healthy smoothie mix to curb your hunger pangs!

Our smoothie mixes are a great way to nourish with the superfoods included. Kids and adults equally love Smoothies and Tots and Moms Foods’ Dry Fruits Makhana Smoothie made using the goodness of Dry Fruits and Makhana is sure to be loved.
Naturally sweetened with dates this fiber rich Instant Smoothie Mix can be mixed with cold milk or fruit juices, blended and served immediately. Homemade and pre roasted ingredients do not need further cooking. To stay away from preservative and chemical laden store bought smoothie mixes one can surely have a pack of this in their pantry.

Tots and Moms Foods’ Dry Fruits Makhana Smoothie
• A natural supplement for baby or child’s food
• Includes walnut and no turmeric powder
• Lovingly made at home with no preservatives
• No added sugar or salt, no milk solids.
• 100% Organic, Homemade and Chemical-free
• Processed under hygienic conditions and a Certified Brand since 2014.

Ingredients: Makhana/Lotus Seeds, Almond, Pistachios, Cashew, Cardamom, Oats, Dates

Directions to use Tots and Moms Foods’ Assorted Nuts Powder :
• Wash your hands and take clean utensils to prepare food.
• Take 2 tsp of smoothie mix in a glass add 2 tbsp cold milk/water and stir lump-free.
• Now add cold milk as you desire in the desired quantity and blend the mixture.
• Add any sweetener and your Smoothie is ready to serve.

Age Recommendations: 12 months above

Shelf Life: Best Before 4 months from Date of Manufacturing