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When deciding on the best porridge to give to your baby, ByGrandma’s Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia with Almonds porridge is one good decision. Sprouted ragi is full of nutrients like calcium, proteins, iron, and fiber. Green gram is known for its nutritional value as it is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals which offer great benefits to your babies. Dalia is rich in fiber and easy to digest for your baby.

Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia, Almonds

Direction to use:

-Take 100 ml water in a bowl and add one big spoon of ByGrandma’s Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia with Almonds Porridge Mix and make it in a watery consistency. To ensure
there are no lumps, keep stirring while adding the porridge powder.
-You can take the vessel to a stove and put it on medium flame. Keep Stirring constantly for 3 to 5 minutes.
-For better taste, you can add the natural sweetener like palm candy for taste (Optional)
-The Sprouted Ragi, Green Gram, Dalia with Almonds Porridge is all set to fill your baby’s tummy!

Best served when the ByGrandma Porridge is lukewarm.

-Helps in weight and height gain, improves digestion, highly nutritious, easy to digest, strengthens the immune system.
-How it can be a supplement to baby:

Along with breast milk, your baby needs a diet that is full of nutrients including energy, fat, and protein as well as other minerals and vitamins which will help them in their overall growth and development. For a varied and balanced diet, continue to serve this porridge and let your baby enjoy the meal. This is an excellent travel-food for your baby.

Age Range : 12 Months+