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This toy happens to be one of the most creative toys that children of all ages can enjoy. These colorful, wooden blocks grab their attention, making children imaginative as well as logical while building different shapes and objects. The tray doubles up as a base where children have to place a 3D shape only on its corresponding 2D slot. This is one of the highest forms of partial pairing in geometry.

Skills Developed:

Children learn to correlate 3D objects with their 2D counterparts and realise each side of a 3D object is in fact 2D, reinforcing partial pairing. This becomes an excellent memory exercise that also boosts their creative abilities of building whatever they wish to imagine with the blocks. Constructing with different shapes to form new shapes, sorting, classifying and pairing enhances children's understanding of geometry and creativity. Constructing with wooden blocks of varying geometric shapes, is fantastic for developing fine motor skills.

Age Range : 4-5 Years

Material : Wood