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As children begin playing with this toy, they build a strong foundation of number patterns and sequences, thanks to the numbered T-shirts. Children associate better with an everyday task of drying clothes and enjoy hanging T-shirts with certain fixed patterns on the rod. The geometric symbols help them learn how numbers can be skipped in a pattern, setting a firm base for multiplication.

Skills Developed:

Skip counting is fascinating, and sets a very strong base for addition, multiplication and number patterns as children learn to count faster, and in sets. Sequentially arranging the T shirts from 1 to 50 in rows of 10 gives the child a clear indication of the number system of all the ones being in the first column, 2’s in the second and so on. Hanging the T-shirts ensures children strengthen this fundamental arithmetic process of counting, while also improving the ability to manipulate objects.

Age Range : 3-4 Years

Material : Wood