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  • Cord blood and tissue storage
  • Easy EMI
  • Quality warranty
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About Epicord 500M

Epicord 500M is the ultimate service package that ensures the long term storage of your baby's cord blood stem cells as well as 50 million,
each of ready to use mesenchymal stem cells and epithelial from the umbilical cord using Explant TM Expansion Culture (based on the plan opted).
The Proprietary cell biomarker verification on the expanded cells using the Patented Explant TM Differentiation Culture ensures that they are viable
and safe to use. Your Specimen is also registered with Global Cord Registry.

It Includes:
- Cord blood and Cord Processing and storage.
- Free home presentation can be provided
- Different EMI options also available.
- Enrolment fee is just 5000/-
- Document Processing fee is 300/-
- Cord blood processing with Sepax2 Technology

Additional Services (Optional):
- Additional Storage Programme- 1600/-
- CFU Assay- 6500/-
- HLA Typing - 10000/-

Note- Additional facilitation charges for hospitals need to be paid by client if applicable.

Reviews (6)

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Never received any feedback against my query.

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Cord life uses one of the most modern technologies to separate out the desired cells.
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I got this only being a biotechnologist i was confident what these guys are upto