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Antenatal tests are important tools for protecting the health of a pregnant woman and her child. Various tests are performed over the course of pregnancy to determine if the mother has any health conditions that may interfere with normal development of the fetus or if the fetus has any health conditions that may affect the baby's quality of life. These tests help to identify factors requiring special care.

Container Type : 1 Grey TOP, 1 Yellow Top SST, 1 Purple Top, 1 Sterile Screw Cap Container

Specimen : Plasma Fluriode, Serum, WB Edta, Urine

Volume : SERUM:- 3 ML, PLASMA 1 ML, WB:- 3 ML, URINE:_ 10 - 20 M

Transport Conditions : Refrigerated

Stability : 24 Hrs.

Method : Automated, CMIA, CLIA, Spectrophotometry, Agglutination, SLIDE FLOCCULATION

Remarks : Satellite Labs Only