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Pregnancy Information Package


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To make this journey easy, to understand and enjoy it, Seem's Birth & Beyond offers Pregnancy Fitness, Nutrition Planning, Pregnancy Education and continuous support throughout your Pregnancy and even after that.

This Package Includes:
• 5 Topics:
1) Understanding Pregnancy - common Pregnancy complaints, warning signs, Diet and Nutrition, Garbhsanskar
2) Labor & Birthing Session: understanding labor signs, when to go to the hospital, what is a vaginal birth, C section,
Pain relief options, Episiotomy, when is Labor Induced, Labor Breathing, Massage in labor, Role of husband as a
birth support partner
3) Breastfeeding Session: Effective Latching and getting started, How to assess milk supply, Latching positions,
Breastfeeding benefits, When milk is not enough, common Problems, Flat / Inverted nipple's, Expressing &
Storing Milk, Back to work, alternative feeding options, Weaning
4) New Born Baby Information Session:Appearance of your new born baby, how to handle a baby, Common new born
complaints, how to Massage your baby, How to make your baby wear cloth nappies, diapers, How to dress and swaddle
your baby, Why is my baby crying- understand the secret language of your baby, Identify New born zones and cues,
helping your New Born sleep well & feed well, Vaccinations, Essential shopping
5) Postnatal Mother care: Includes information on diet and also handling post pregnancy
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