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Lamaze Classes


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With customized services pertaining to different lifestyles and health conditions of patients , the HomeRx team guarantees that you will remain homebound no more!

This Package Includes:
• Number of Session: 3
• Duration of Session: 2 hours
• Timings may change as per availability of studio
• This is going to be a partner session
• Session Includes: These are fun filled, Interactive, Partner Sessions
a) Labor – How do I know I am in labor? What does a contraction feel like? When to go to doctor? Stages and Phases of labor and healthy birthing practices.
b) Labor Coping Strategies – Breathing and other Comfort techniques and tools for labor pain coping and minimally invasive birth.
c) Breast Feeding – How do I latch without pain? How do I know my milk is enough? What are the different Positions of Breast feeding.
d) Epidural & C-Section – To Know benefits, Risks and Alternatives to painless delivery. To have the best possible cesarean birth if planned.

These Sessions are conducted on weekends with your partners to promote, support and protect healthy birthing.
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