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Safest pair of hands!!

I had heard a lot of stories from friends about their pregnancies. I had first miscarriage hence I was even more sceptical about doctor's selection. From word of mouth, i heard that dr. Nikhil Datar is the best in my locality. But doctor was finally HE so I was pretty hesitant initially. But I'm satisfied that I went ahead with him. Thanks to him, both my pregnancies were extremely happy & healthy. The moment you meet him, you are greeted with a bright smile. His first words always used to be "kaay mag kaay mhantes" (asking about my health). Pregnancy makes woman apprehensive for obvious reasons. I really used to look forward to meet him as he always used to make me totally tension free. After every checkup his regular remark was "chhan ch ahe sagla"(everything is absolutely normal) . He used to answer all my queries patiently. He keeps you on bare minimum medicine so that it doesn't affect the baby. Not to forget, he will not enter examination room unless you are covered with a blanket. Internal examination is the only time when we get little uncomfortable. But trust me, he has safest pair of hands and you never get a feeling of discomfort even during examination. Even internal examination is kept bare minimum when really required. If you keep aside gender bias, he is the Best. you will not be disappointed at all.

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Dr Nikhil Datar

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Goregaon East, Mumbai Obstetricians & Gynecologists

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24th August

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12th March