10 Tips That Can Save A Life

10 Tips That Can Save A Life

18 May 2022 | 5 min Read


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No one expects a mishap instinctively, or a fall-out with any operation. There are times we don’t happen to foresee a rough ride ahead of us. But there are few situations you can be well prepared for especially for your child. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

1. Apply pressure with sterile gauze to treat bleeding

If your kid was on the bike and he happened to pull the brakes suddenly, there are chances that your little one has ended up with bruises. At that moment, you have to look at ways to stop the bleeding. The first thing you should do, wash your hands and cover them with a plastic to use as gloves. If your child is in a bad shape, have him lie down and cover him with a blanket. Just very carefully, clean up any dirt or debris from the wound. Apply some amount of pressure on the wound with a towel or a t-shirt or sterile gauze.

2. Apply some moist compress to treat a burn

It is only ideal to have a professional treat the burn, but till you have access to any medical help, clean up the wound gently with some cold water and soap. If it is not a very severe burn, just concentrate on cooling off the skin’s surface with a gentle and rather moist compress. Try exposing the wound to some cold water for a span of 20 minutes. Get rid of any uncomfortable clothing and heavy jewelry.

3. Carry someone heavier than you

If you are caught up in a situation where a friend is lying unconscious and you have to get him out of there, plan how right away. It gets tougher if he is heavier than you, but a trick to carry someone right could help. Ensure the person is facing you and take his arm around your shoulder. Kneel down enough so the person’s middle region is almost around your shoulder. Be careful of your posture and thrust your legs and hips upward, as you stand. Avoid leaning forward, you might hurt your back.

4. Use your denim as a float

A mishap on the beach or in the waters screams out ‘danger’ right there. This gets worse if you don’t have a lifeguard around or can’t swim. In case of a mishap on the beach or in the waters, a pair of denim jeans can serve as a float. Tie up both the ends of the pants to let the air get trapped.

5. Cover your mouth during a gas leakage

To help you and a colleague or a friend get through a gas leakage situation, just soak a cotton handkerchief or a piece of cloth and cover your nose and mouth immediately. The cloth will absorb all the poisonous gas and will keep it from entering your respiratory system.

6. Elevate the head to manage concussion

Sometimes an unwanted quarrel among friends could go down wrong. If a friend of yours has ended up with a concussion because of a scuffle, quickly and with much care elevate his head to about 20-30 degrees. This could relieve the stress and keep the fluid from accumulating in the brain.

7. Stay low during a fire situation

The first thing ideal to do when you are caught in a fire is ensured you and your friends stay closer to the ground. Try and concentrate a little on your breathing at that time, to avoid the smoke from entering your respiratory system. Just as you and the ones around you stay low or close to the ground, you can plan your way out of that particular space.

8. Don’t resort to pills without a prescription in case of an allergic reaction

Your friend and you were probably having a great meal at a fine diner, both of you were craving to go for. But your friend probably forgot to let you know about his allergic reaction to a particular ingredient or a food item. In a situation when you’ve had absolutely no idea of an allergic reaction, it is best to not try any medication on your own unless it is what your friend is reaching out to. Call a family doctor right then or don’t hesitate to call an ambulance, before the reaction aggravates. Stay calm.

9. Immobilize in case of a snake bite

One would never want to encounter a snake bite, but if the unfortunate situation crops up with a friend or yourself it is best to call for an emergency ambulance. However, in the meanwhile, slip out of any jewelry and don’t move around too much. Instead of attempting to capture the snake or harming it, out of agitation and aggression just make a mental note of its size and color.

10. Use duct tape for temporary shoes

If a bunch of you are out for a trip and there are some heavy rains, keep your feet safe immediately. Avoid walking through puddles and keep put in case of floods. But if you just have to make your way through water which is knee length or below and you are wearing some flimsy slippers you are prone to cuts, bruises and some temperature causing fever. Get hold of some clean plastic bags immediately or a wide-length duct tape. Wound it around your feet completely, covering your toes.