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Get all your questions related to your child vaccinations for 1st three months answered now.
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Divya Chitkara

hello ma'am

my doctor has adviced for some additional vaccines like swine flu n two more,are they necessary to be given or can be avoided

10 minutes ago

Q: Hi Mommys planning to buy baby stroller plz help me to buy pram ....which brand is good

Shruti Giri

Mee Mee for strollers

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11 minutes ago

just had live chat with Dr. Indu khosla. but not through BabyChakra android app. how to do that on app??? last time too i was unable do it through app. 😤


Pooja you have already​ asked your question and it has been answered

10 minutes ago

Q: Hi mummies has any of u used mamas earth for Strech marks.... Does existing strech mark also Fade away pls suggest.... If any one cn upload the pic of that product will help a lot...

Sheeba Vijesh

not much idea, but going by their other products quality, it should be good... Reshma Menon

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37 minutes ago

Q: baby is 2 months old..she is on breastfeed..plz suggest me what diet should I take for my baby's good development..

Varsha Rao

u should try more milk and  green vegetables and more n more water before n after every feed..mother mileage milk power is also helpful

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58 minutes ago

Q: hi frnds and doc mujhe 7 month chalu hai mera last sonogropy Kiya abhi 5 din pehale us Mai baby ke gaale me cord ke do round hai kya use baby kuch problem ho Sakti hai.. aur heade ke jagha pe niche side pair hai kya ten vaali baat hai ...see more

swati sapkal

thanks mam apke baato se Mera ten. kam ho Gaya... thanque

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1 hour ago

Q: Can we make babies walk and stand wen he is 8 months old....  Some said dat his legs may bend if we make him walk or stand for long... 

Anchal sharma

If the baby wants to stand, you can let him do it. But dont force him to.

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1 hour ago

Q: hi experts can we give cerelac to 6 month baby...some ppl saying its not healthy ..
what to do??

sonam patel

you can give home made cerelac.

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54 minutes ago

Expecting parent or a new parent? Join this live chat with Dr Indu Khosla to have all your questions on "VACCINATIONS" answered!
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Neha Agarwal

Foram, as advised by Dr Khosla: Hi Foram vaccination is important both DTP( Painless) &DTAP less painful are almost equal in efficiency . So it is important to vaccinate them. You can choose both on your comfort level . Please consult your paed but make sure you do vaccinate

31 minutes ago

Q: I am travelling by flight next week which is of about 1.5 hour with my then 1month old baby. Need suggestions on how to feed the baby during the take off and landing. Should I express milk in 2 bottles? Also will it be fine to feed milk whi ...see more