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Natural Remedies to get rid of stubborn Post Pregnancy Marks...
1. Aloe Vera Gel- Cut it into half and then cubes and store it in an air tight container in a refrigerator.. Then apply it before taking bath and leave on for an hour..A ...see more

Q: hey dear moms
i need help of 33-35 week pregnant moms. pls mujhe apna experience share kijiye. ap log is samay kis trah ka baby movement feel kr rhe h aur kitna. pls help moms

प्रिया वाघ

i am now 34 weeks pregnant nd i really dont feel any pain.. is it normal????

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3 minutes ago

One of my twins is too clingy and doesn't want to leave me even for a single second. While the other one is independent and doesn't hesitate to explore things around all alone.
One is too shy and intr ...see more

Dhara Popat

yes dear,  mine have not yet started with talking..  bt have started with babbling.  Dhunn wants me to be with her all the tym n dharmann is independent.  i have to make dhunn sleep, but dharmann sleeps on his own. ..So inch pinch.  m sure that mine will also b the same case as urs.  😀😀😀

10 minutes ago

Q: hi frnds, I am in 36th week, my baby has not dropped, in which week he will drop.
I am doing squatting and butterfly exercise. is it k for him to drop.pls help

Meena Lochini

thanks sumira

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39 minutes ago

Q: Hi mom's,
I'm 11weeks 4days pregnant now. Like said before I have conceived with twins. I have lot of white discharge since the time I expected my periods. It's not in control and my gync as not given any medication for this. My t ...see more

Mala Srinivas

Thank you jenitha. That was very helpful. I will surely check with doctor if I can use this.

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42 minutes ago

Q: Hello everyone..
Am 34weeks n 3 days today..
I heard from my friends who recently delivered baby saying during Labour doctor will insert fingers into vagina?? Is it true in all cases??
Such sensitive place what happ ...see more


Thanks dear karishma..

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1 hour ago

Q: Hey friends pls agar koi online he to muje abhi reply diji mera 1 month huaa he but dr.kahe rahe he felopion tube me he to nikal na padega leproscopy karna pdega to kya waha se egg womb me save ho Sankta he ya leproscopy se mera misscarrige ...see more

Chandani Pathak

Yess ma'am thank u ...

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39 minutes ago

Q: Hi moms.. Its my 3rd mnth strt bt till yet m not feeling any symptoms of pragnancy like nausea vomit etc not evn single tym till yet... Isn't it normal... M taking ondem md tab or it is coz of des tblt... M not feeling cravings for food als ...see more

Rosh Tej

ondem md tablet is an anti emetic( used for treatment of nausea , vomiting) u r takin dis tablet might be dis is the reason ur feeling of nausea nd vomiting is suppressed i was having very bad nausea since a month soo now to avoid excess of nausea vomiting i am takin dis medicine nd one more thing its common not to experince symptoms body of every respond  differently to the change of hormones.....nothing to worry

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6 hours ago

Q: I m suffering from sevior heart burning plz suggest me what to do???


first of all check if your food is spicy. have light home cooked food. have lost of water and keep URSELF hydrated. try and incorporate coconut water , lemon water, try and avoid coffee and tea instead opt for ginger tea or cold milk.

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1 hour ago