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So I put him to sleep, so that I could take a nap(read "Check what's going on in  BabyChakra"). Next moment he is looking over my shoulder. Look!!! How is your nap time going ...see more

Rakhi Puri

so adorable vivaan... these lil munchkins come quietly always 😘😍

4 minutes ago

Q: Just to liven up the lazy afternoon..
Mommies tell here what is that 1 thing related to ur baby which u have still kept treasured as a memory which is no longer used by the baby, but is so close to ur heart that u can't do away w ...see more

Ashika Imthiyaz

mittens caps socks...

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8 minutes ago

Hi Sonali
1) please suggest how to increase breast milk, im having good diet without any restriction for veggies, having water n milk also.
2) My gynac has suggested Lactare tablets for 3 weeks. Is it ...see more

Suhasini Vinod

thank you so much !!

6 minutes ago

Q: hlo everyone name is priya.... im 3 mnths pregnant ...i have problem of hair around my nipples its very uncomfrrtable for me it due to pregnancy? how can i get rid of it?

Pooja Dadhwal

her husband name is sunil rajput

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33 minutes ago

Q: hi mam i have 5 month old baby iam suffered from heavy hairfall and iam breast feeded

Nandhini Rajendran

thank you mam

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43 minutes ago

#BatWithBabyChakra #MatchingMatching
Googly#7 is here & it tickles your right brain a bit.
Share pics of you and baby in matching clothes or matching action. Use your imagination here!
Use #Mat ...see more

asha chaudhry

Neha Sharma u can share it wth someone on whatsapp - it will get saved there. hopefully one day we will hv a bookmark feature, what say BabyChakra Priya Sood :)

19 minutes ago

Q: hi am pavithra from chennai.  my baby is 7 months old and her weight is 5.5kg. born on 31.10.2016 2.7kg. she was breech. how to improve the weight of the baby

Sonali Shivlani

Pavithra would recommend discussing the concern with the doctor and making sure milestones are on track.

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35 minutes ago

Q: Hi Moms, Mumbai Moms needed your review about shopping from Alfa Stores Vile Parle as I have heard through my relative it is very good there... If anyone of  you can share your experiences about the things available there, quality and ...see more


Dhara Popat  I'm talking about online shopping  from first cry .
alpha is good wasn't aware ant baby products . will but from there now thnks

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49 minutes ago

Q: #dare to be funny ..      as a super mom every one of us have hard times,specially when we are unable to fulfill our own expectations in taking n handling baby care .some days end with frustration n sadness , I had ...see more

Aradhana Sharma

Guest jaya khatri ..join in

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17 minutes ago

Q: hello everyone, my hb is 10.2 is it low i need to increase it???

Parul Johari

you can also drink fruit juices , and tomato juice etc.

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1 hour ago