How can kitchen chores help a toddler learn?

How can kitchen chores help a toddler learn?

Emptying a dishwasher is the perfect opportunity for a 2-3 year old child's parents to include him in a daily household task, which he can also learn from.  At this age, children generally transition from 'want to do it by myself' stage to 'Teach me how to do' stage. One should take advantage of this time to introduce the names of different types of dishes and utensils that are in the dishwasher, while emptying it, which expands their vocabulary and understanding of the kitchen.


Demonstrating where each of these items are stored enables children to understand the sense of order a kitchen requires, while allowing them to place the items in their proper places allows them to take pride in their home environment. Patience and encouragement grow a long  way as children feel accomplishment and satisfaction while helping their parents.


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