5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

We call ourselves the liberated women of the 21st century, however, we still expect our men to buy us red roses and diamonds for the Valentine’s Day. How about taking the onus this Valentine’s Day and surprising your partner with a cool Valentine’s Day gift?


Scratching your head? Just keep reading these fabulous and unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him:

Monogram tie and kerchiefs: A nice tie and kerchiefs are great gifts that any man will appreciate. Get them monogrammed, and they become a personal gift he will cherish a long time to come.


Source: sheandstyle.com

Clubs and spirits: If your guy loves his tipples, gift a Valentine’s bouquet with the spirits of his choice – single malts, vodkas, beers, gins, rums...and a champagne, of course! Oh, and you can personalize the label with the message of your choice. On the other hand, he would be delighted to receive a membership of single malt, whiskey, beer or wine clubs. He will get hand-selected bottles of the best and rare spirits from around the world delivered to your door step. Cool, isn’t it!

Source: beermonthclub.com

Adventure sports workshops: Do not get all riled up! We are not suggesting you ask your man to go hike a mountain or swim with the crocs, but if he is the adventurous-types, he would love taking up adventure workshops like sailing, scuba diving, paragliding, white water rafting, and so on.


Source: travel.siliconindia.com

Fish foot spa pedicure: Most meterosexual men are quite conscious of their appearance; they visit a salon often and like to keep their appearance clean. However, a pedicure is still far away from the realms of their imagination, and that too a fish pedicure. Gift your husband a fish foot spa pedicure where he can just sit back and relax, while scores of tiny toothless black fish chew on his feet. 


Source: lifestyle.howstuffworks.com

Fancy tools and gadgets: You can never go wrong with buying your man fancy gadgets. Check out online where you can find new cool gadgets to suit his taste. A Fitbit charge, a 4-in-1 lens, a Bluetooth Internet car radio kit, a multitool gadget on a key chain, a smart watch, or a coffee maker. 

Source: electronicgame.tk

With any of these gifts with a little note from you, the father of your kids will definitely feel back in college again. Go ahead and charm him all over again!

Wish you lots of love and joy! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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