How often have you cried and smiled at once as a mother?

How often have you cried and smiled at once as a mother?

It is said that, as soon as a mother conceives a baby she develops a bond with him/her. This bond gets stronger with time, with the first touch, first hug and those million moments that follow. These 5 very beautiful videos of the Mother and child love are sure to bring a smile on your face, tear drops may follow too :-)


In this video, an unborn baby is talking to her mother about every month growth. Although she an animated baby, but the way she talks to her is simply adorable. And, don't be surprised if the thoughts of your pregnancy rush to you.





Sometimes, to be a mother you don't have to be a mother. This heart touching video shows a moms unconditional love. Only request - watch this video until the end.


Source: TheSpottydog


Well, to know your mother you don't need eyes and this video explains it so well. In this video, you will be able to see a unique and special connection between a child and mother. Every child in this video is blindfolded; still he or she can identify their moms, truly amazing.


Source: TheOfficialPandora


Who says, animals can't love. See this cute video to know how a momma bear saves her baby. You will go through every emotion which exists and don't forget to keep a tissue box near you.


Source: A.K. Saroj


We often see kids complaining about their moms being strict and imposing restrictions. Some kids were offered to replace their moms, and what happened next is a must- watch.


Source: Reza


If you are crying right now, call up your mother or hug your baby :-)

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