5 things every parent must know and do before he or she starts Homeschooling

5 things every parent must know and do before he or she starts Homeschooling

Here are some things I feel every parent must do before taking any major decision, like whether to send their child to school or educate at home.


Before rushing into any major decision, take a deep breath, relax, take some time to look around, thank God for whatever it is that you wish to, smile, meditate, journal whatever thoughts come to your mind in a diary. You will be surprised at the thoughts that alight on your mind when you are sitting in a state of meditation. What I usually do is meditate on Scripture verses, promises that God has said. As I sit still, thoughts land like drops of water on a calm lake. These thoughts are precious, write them down. In the beginning you will get plenty of other thoughts too, write them all down, don’t analyse them!


Connect with your child in the deepest way possible, listen to them, observe them, play with them [not give them something to play!] and you will be surprised at the treasures you discover. Watch them play with stuff. Remember that the time you have with your child is limited, as parents of teenagers will attest! By the time your child is 13 he or she is already testing their wings and are ready to fly off! It will be the best investment that you can make of your time and the rewards will last a lifetime and possibly also bless the generations to come. A note to fathers, this applies even more to you, Dads! 


Do not take anything for granted. Just because everyone is doing something, doesn’t mean that you also have to do it the same way. Find out for yourselves what is education, why and how long back schools were invented, and what are the effects and side effects of different types of education. Read up on the various laws that are applicable in your country or state.  Be pro-active. It is your child and your child is precious! If you truly believe that your child is unique and valuable, take time and do your own research on this vital subject. 


In this present day and time, everyone feels that it is survival of the fittest out there. You have to learn that theory does not work in the real world. As disruptive business models are proving, collaboration is the best way forward. So reach out to other parents, share what you feel, and what you have found out in your road to discovery of the various learning methods available. It will only enrich you and them! 


Lastly and most importantly, be grateful for everything. An attitude of gratitude is the most important tool that will take you to the highest level of living, a life that allows you to achieve your full potential in this life. 

I hope these simple steps will set you out on a life long journey of learning  and living! All the best!


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