The Most Uncommon Facts About The Most Common, Household Flu

The Most Uncommon Facts About The Most Common, Household Flu

22 Feb 2016 | 2 min Read

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Influenza is a viral infection that spreads rapidly from one person to another. This disease is seen more often during the winters. The person having flu is infectious to others from the day before the onset of symptoms until the time he recovers from fever and other symptoms.


Symptoms: If more than one member of the family has body ache, headache, fever, nasal discharge, loss of appetite, severe weakness and an upset stomach, we are most likely dealing with flu.

Treatment: No antibiotics need be given. For relief of symptoms, paracetamol can be given every 4 to 6 hours. A child may be allowed to eat as per his inclination. In case of poor appetite, which is common during the illness, enough liquids including fruit juices, soups, coconut water and plain water should be given to ensure adequate urine output. For lowering the fever and also otherwise, sponging the whole body with a little warm water is very comforting.

The child should stay at home for a couple of days even after the fever settles, because flu can make a child feel very weak.


Source: Book – Guide to Child Care by Dr R K Anand

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