What to talk to your child on an everyday basis?

What to talk to your child on an everyday basis?

The parents of a teen-ager will agree that children at that age often don’t want to listen to their parents any more or even might not talk to parents as much as they do with their friends.

The key to avoid this situation is to talk as much as possible with them when they are young - especially when they come back from school, or the family sits together for dinner.

Here are a few examples of great  conversation starters with your children and among family members:

  • Who do you look forward to seeing the most at school each day?
  • What’s the best thing about being in your grade?
  • What’s the worst thing about being in your grade?
  • What are you learning now in class?
  • If you could pack your own lunch, what would you pack?
  • What food do you like the most at lunch?
  • Who’s someone at school who needs a friend?
  • Who’s the friendliest person in your class?
  • Who did you hang out with most today?
  • What’s your favorite part of the school day?
  • Who did you sit by at lunch today?
  • What does your teacher do really well?
  • Which teacher do you like most and why?
  • Did anything in school make you sad today?



Try talking to your child like you care about his thoughts, views and emotions and see him opening up his own world to you! And that, for sure, will be pure bliss :-)


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