Weaning Foods Simplified For All New Mothers

Weaning Food concepts cleared (6 months – 1 year)

First 6 months: Only breast milk. No Water-even on a very hot day. Frequently urination (6 times or more in 24 hours) by an exclusively breastfed baby indicates that the baby is getting enough milk as well as water from the mother.


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From 7th Month Onwards: Breastfeeding to continue. Add following foods as advised. Start boiled and cooled water with a small glass. No need for use of bottle at any age.


Mashed Banana: A quarter banana to begin with. Increase by quarter every succeeding week to the limit accepted. You can interchange banana with apple (Cut peeled apple into small bites; boil it: mash in a mixer or with spoon). Other seasonal fruits like pears (boiled), papaya, mango, chikoo etc. can also be given.


Source: slu.edu


Porridge: Can be added a week after starting fruits. Home made suji kheer (rava kheer) or thin seera with ghee or dalia from broken wheat or ragi (nachni), or soaked bread in milk or mashed boiled rice with milk or phirni made from rice powder and milk should be recipe can be made by roasting, grinding and mixing equal parts of rice and wheat, nachni (ragi) and moong dal. The mixed powder is stored in an air tight container. This readymade powder can be used for making thin kheer with milk and sugar or thin sheera (halwa) with ghee and sugar (or salt); one or two teaspoons are given twice a day after a breastfeed in morning and evening. Keep increasing every 3rd or 4th day to the amount accepted by your baby.


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Soft Boiled Egg: (for those who eat egg): Add a week later. Boil the egg in water for three minutes and then cool in running water. Commence with one teaspoon of the yellow portion. Generally increase by teaspoon increment adding the white of egg so that baby may use. The whole egg in about 4 weeks from commencement.


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Mashed and well-cooked Vegetables: Add a week later, with ghee or butter or cooking oil. Begin with 2 to 4 teaspoons and increase progressively (Dark green leafy vegetables, carrots and pumpkin are preferable items.)


Mashed and Well Cooked Khichri or Rice and Dal: Add 1-2 weeks later, ghee or cooking oil better. Begin with 2 - 4 teaspoons and increase to quantity accepted by the baby.


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The above suggestions are made to develop more tastes and increase quantity as per the amount accepted by the baby. Patience and perseverance are the keywords. In case you have started giving solids to a bigger baby, you can begin with a smaller amount and increase rapidly. Gradually let the child have other foods like chapati soaked in dal, bone marrow; minced meat etc.

1.  In families with history of allergy (Asthma, Eczema), avoid addition of artificial milk, egg, cocoa preparations (like chocolate) juices and wheat preparation until the completion of 6 months. With a strong family history of allergy, it may even be better to avoid all foods other than breast milk in the first 6 months of life.

2. Vegetarians should note that non-vegetarian food is not essential.

3. Ready cereals like Farex, Cerelac and Nestum are not recommended.

After 1 Year: Mother’s milk should be continued in the second year. Cow’s or buffalo’s milk though not essential, can be given from a glass (2-3 times). Gradually let the child get used to adult food made at home. Children who do not eat enough at a time should be offered food and fruits every 2-3 hours, but do not force.


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Source: The above information has been provided by Association for Consumers Action on Safety and Health in consultation with the below listed doctors.

Dr Y. K. Ambedkar, Dr R. K. Anand, Dr G. S. Hathi, Dr N. B. Kumta, Dr G. P. Mathur, Dr. Girish Nigam, Dr. Pawan Sureka, Dr. Naresh Thakker

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Comments (40)

Abha Pandey

my baby 7 month old and he refused other than food only preferred milk what should I do

Rhituparna Mitra

That's fine Abha..go slow. Go with your baby's pace. He will still getting the most of his nutrition from breastfeed but he will keep getting introduced to new foods by way of weaning. Just keep introducing new things to him.

Leena Pandyya

so is there a need of adding formula or no

Rhituparna Mitra

Leena Pandyya No weaning doesn't mean addition of formula. If your baby is breastfeeding, continue that. If your baby is on formula, continue that, alongwith introduction of solids as mentioned in the article.

Leena Pandyya

my little one is on bf! glad to know no need of formula, thank u so much dear

aasiya shaikh

even my son isnt accepting fruits.... not even honey...!

aradhana sharma mudgal

aasiya, honey should be avoided till 1 year

Baljit Kaur

my baby is also on bf and refusing to other things sometimes what should I do

Khushboo Rajput

I wish I knew this before

Colours By Anushka

how can i make sooji without milk ?? i don't want to introduce milk before 1 yr.

Rhituparna Mitra

Colours By Anushka You can make it with water and jaggery too. add a bit of elaichi powder for flavor


I wish I knew this before

Aditi Kapoor

I wish I knew this before

Shruti Budihal

This is so well written.

Rakhee Sharma

This is so well written.


I wish I knew this before

Rabia Aneja

can introduce sugar nd salt before one year ? in one of article on weaning by baby chakra I have read dat it should be totally avoided till one year what say moms ? Sheeba Vijesh Sumira Bhatia Rhituparna Mitra

Priyanka Maheshwari@Momzjourne

But indian Institute of nutrition says to incorporate sugar before 1 year.. read an article here

Sumira Bhatia

Rabia Aneja I am not sure about sugar or salt. A few articles say ok to give a tiny bit but so far I have avoided. You can try jaggery or dates water to add sweetness. Natural organic alternatives are always better I guess. Even once we grow up

Nasreen Mansoor

This is just in time..1 more month to go..


I wish I knew this before

Khushboo Vats

very useful info


my baby is on bf he is refusing othr things...i m very in tntn....


I wish I knew this before

Divya Dudeja

Hi, my baby is 5 months 5 days old and my maternity leaves are over. I have to join office in next 10 days. Please suggest what all foods I can give to my baby. he doesn't like formula.


My Babby is 5 months old.can I introduce solids,as I; have to move for my office in couple of days.my breastfeeding milk supply is very low.presently giving formula n BM to Babby.
Please suggest.


I wish I knew this before

Virty Dedhia

This is just in time


This is so well written

Anushka Sharma Srivastava

This is just in time

Amandeep Aman

This is so well written.

Yogita Chakote

I wish I knew this before

I DLeo

I wish I knew this before

I DLeo

Hello..plz suggest me gud formulla milk for 5 months old baby..am also doing breastfeed bt as he is growing he wants more nd prblm is i dont hv enough time to hv my meals on time..so i want gud formulla milk for him.plz do suggest its really urgent

Swapna Mahanth

Hi Deepa. Please meet your pead to know which formula should be given to baby n do post your question separately so that all Mommies can see n answer.

Don 2

I wish I knew this before


I wish I knew this before

nidhi agrawal

I wish I knew this before

Priyanka Jain

I wish I knew this before

Mahesh Panchal

Hello maam does ragi is good food for my 5months old baby

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