Why I Recommend Pant Style Diapers To Every New Mom

Why I Recommend Pant Style Diapers To Every New Mom

As soon as I had my baby (now 2.5 years old), a friend of mine advised that Mamy Poko diapers are the best in town as they were the first ones to come out with pant style diapers, making it leak proof. Being a naïve first-time mommy, I went for it even though it was a tad bit expensive. The deals on online baby stores and at the wholesale APMC market in Vashi, Navi Mumbai took away the pain of the recurring costs a bit.


As I began using it, I discovered that it not only is leak proof but is rash free too. Though for the sake of healthy habits and hygiene, I put diapers on her only 3-4 hours in the day and mostly used them during the night or travel. Yet sometimes, it so happened, that we missed to change her diaper in 2-3 hours and it got heavily laden with pee. Yet it never leaked, nor it caused her a rash ever! So much so, that I once distinctly remember trying out another very popular brand’s pant style diapers and boarded a flight alone with my baby. What a million-dollar mistake I made given that I knew her pooping time. There I was, in the aircraft with no help and a diaper that leaked her poop onto her dungarees! Nightmare is an understatement…


Since then, my faith in Mamy Poko pants got re-instilled and I promised myself not to try any other brands except for the ones made of natural materials.


Another good thing about these diapers is that the elastic doesn’t hurt her skin or waist too much unless she has nearly outgrown the prescribed weight. They fit her well when she was skinny and they fit her equally when she became a bit healthier.


The Mom Hack in using these diapers is clearing poop! You can tear the diaper off its sides and place them at an angle on the floor without messing around (till you get hands free after cleaning your baby)


A basic rash cream or oiling and diaper hygiene in terms of cleaning properly with wipes or soap water is good enough. The diaper doesn’t trouble too much otherwise.


The only reason you would want to go off them is to toilet train your child.


Recently got to know that they are coming out with a special range of diapers for newborn babies. Bliss! (as their smallest size is slightly big for the newborn babies)

Go ahead and use it!

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Mamy Poko pants

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