Are there really second chances?

Are there really second chances?

Sometimes in life we need to share, 
Our feelings that are difficult to bear,
When in our hearts, we feel such pain, 
That strength which is difficult to gain,
We need someone who will keep us safe, and restore our lost faith.
That someone called a Guardian Angel exists for everyone. I have two of those. 


Here’s the story of my precious Guardian Angels!

I'm a single child of a single mom. My mom braved all the odds, adversities and taunts to raise me up without any compromises in my upbringing. She got divorced in an era when even uttering the ‘D’ word was taboo. She was still in the prime of her life, an age where girls now get married or still trying to understand what to do with life. She could have easily gone for a second marriage and set herself up for all the comforts and joys, instead she chose to focus all her energies on making a life for her parents and her daughter and mind you, she did it very successfully. The confident, self-reliant, unabashedly independent woman I am today, is all her and my grandparents doing. 


It was but natural that she wanted the best for her daughter, and the best meant getting married to a highly educated, well settled guy, and if the guy is a NRI or in my case, an Indian born and brought up abroad. There went the 'No, Thank you' to my then boyfriend, and yes to the NRI groom. Since both my boyfriend and me placed our families above everything, we decided to make the sacrifice and there I was, in a big fat wedding, married off to a guy I barely knew and a country totally alien and new.


Within weeks of my marriage, things started going downhill, what else do you expect from a person who turns out to be 'Schizophrenic' and this 'small' detail was hidden at the time of marriage from us. Cutting the long story short, I was physically, mentally and emotionally abused in the marriage, to the extent that all my stuff (clothes, my educational documents, personal belongings) were burnt, my passport, my jewellery (my mom's lifelong savings) and phone taken away and me put under house arrest. 

My mom and uncle who was and has been another pillar of support to me had to come there and rescue me with the help of the Indian Embassy which is not an easy procedure. But I finally came back home on an emergency passport after a long struggle. 


But like I said, this story is not about me. So here comes my second  Guardian Angel. I'm sure you'll have understood by now who the first one is :) 


All through this turmoil, one person who stood through me was - my now hubby, the boyfriend whom I gave up. Yes, you read it right. It takes a special kind of grit and love to attend the wedding, seeing your love being married off and still being the shoulder to cry on when you are pushed to a corner and helpless. Ladies, let me tell you amidst all kinds of men, such a guy too exists who loves you exactly as you are, and never leaves your side. Well as for me, I never forgot my first love, and call it gut instinct, clairvoyance or simple faith in love, I always deep down never gave up hope of being with him.

When I thought all the cards were stacked up against me (yes, I had a bitter struggle for divorce too, he didn’t make it any easy for me), when I had hit rock bottom, my second Guardian Angel gives me a second chance and proposes to me. This was more romantic and sweeter than going down on one knee, because this was him assuring me that life can be good too asking for a second chance in care, trust and love.  


Today, we are happily married with an aww-dorable 21 month old son! Let me tell you that he's not the ideal husband, but he's the perfect one for me! :-)


Second chances are for everyone. As are guardian angels

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