In conversation with Basantika Sharma – Group Moderator, Kiducate

In conversation with Basantika Sharma – Group Moderator, Kiducate

6 Mar 2016 | 4 min Read

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There are several communities today which are creating enormous value for young Indian parents by helping them make child care related decisions and we, at BabyChakra, truly love them. This Women’s Day, we thought why not talk a little about their efforts, how the groups came about and what makes the mothers (members of the group) feel so connected.

Here’s how our friend Basantika’s KIDUCATE, a Facebook group, is helping parents decide on various extra-curricular activities for their children:


What spurred the idea of creating this community? 

My daughter is the soul reason for the birth of KIDUCATE. After my husband and I had our beautiful daughter, Sitara, we were often left with thoughts like -how will I know what’s the best for my child given the many options out there? The idea was to bring together all child related resources on a common platform, where parents could exchange views, share information about the various curricular and extra-curricular activities available for children. This would help save parents any ambiguity about a class or an activity they want their child be a part of. It seemed like a dream come true for any parent, including me, to be able to access a bank anytime, anywhere, irrespective of the age of their child! KIDUCATE was thus, born in February 2014, while I was sitting at home with a sick leave from work, on Facebook as a closed group!  


What keeps the members together? 

The ethos of KIDUCATE is purely and purely authentic information and feedback from its community! KIDUCATE is a community strictly for the parents, by the parents and of the parents. It is for the parents who want to get the best for their child in terms of curricular and extra-curricular activities, it’s by the parents as they connect and help other parents by giving first hand reviews from a class where their child is enrolled in and it’s of the parents (and/or singles) who post so many useful resources which a parent can make use of. It all boils down to the authentic and genuine sharing of information by one parent with another. 


Member Testimonials!

Kamakshi Gupte – Owner of Our Creative Talents

 “Hi. Am Kamakshi Gupte. So, one day I posted my work on Kiducate. I thought it was a regular site, where you can post and forget. But Kiducate is different. It is authentic, well managed and I have genuine people calling me for enrolling their ward. A simple idea but done soulfully. Thank you Basantika for ‪#‎kiducate‬.


Saloni Seth – Mother of two kids aged 7yrs and 2yrs and a pre-school educator

“Just wanted to say that this is a wonderful platform to keep track of special classes and activities for kids. Saves the bother of rummaging through newspapers and leaflets! I have found so many interesting resources for my kids! Thank you Basantika for coming up with this wonderful group!”


Dreams Galore

After aiming at the parent community to benefit from the group, KIDUCATE took a step further, just a year after it was born! KIDUCATE now hosts events for children as we aim at educating children to enhance their understanding in the real world. As much as possible, we wanted to offer children various on-site learning experiences which would help them build a concrete understanding about the various things and the working of many human systems around them.

In 2015, we have successfully conducted several educational events which have been much appreciated by our community and parents always ask for more. Our field trips are always planned around how best can we help children acquire knowledge outside the classrooms. 

We always want to help parents make informed decisions while keeping in mind the children of tomorrow, the future of the world! At the moment, there are many plans brewing and we are very excited to unfold them as we wait for the right time for it to unfold.

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