In Conversation with Moya Caddy – Group Moderator, Mums of Bangalore

In Conversation with Moya Caddy – Group Moderator, Mums of Bangalore

7 Mar 2016 | 3 min Read

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There are several communities today which are creating enormous value for young Indian parents by helping them make child care related decisions and we, at BabyChakra, truly love them. This Women’s Day, we thought why not talk a little about their efforts, how the groups came about and what makes the mothers (members of the group) feel so connected.

Here’s how our friend Moya, is helping mums in Bangalore connect and help each other over a Facebook group:

What spurred the idea of creating this community?

I started Mums of Bangalore to initially help myself. I wanted to make friends and find answers to many questions I had with regard to child care. I realized soon after that there were so many other Mums in the same position as me. The more the Mums enjoyed the group, the more I was pushed on to make it bigger and better.

What keeps the members together? 

The group is a sanctum. It is a place for Mothers to come and find answers, make friends and have a laugh – it is also a place for women to come to receive help. There are a lot of women who are suffering behind closed doors and this group can be a voice for them. 

An instance where it truly made a difference to a mother’s life

There are so many stories that I can share. Even though a lot of us don’t know each other personally, the bond we share with each other on the group is very strong. It is astonishing how many times the women in the group have helped one another. A few examples will always stay with me.

One of the examples of the wonderful “community” at work was when one of our Mothers went missing. Women on the group rallied together to help find her. I can tell you, that these Mums are great detectives! Another wonderful example was when a Mother and child had to flea their home due to domestic abuse. She took her child and went to the police station. She had no food or other items for the baby and Mums from all sides of Bangalore went to look after her and her child. This is a true example of sisterhood!!

Dreams Galore 

I would be thrilled if the group remained as wonderful as it is today, even with the expanding growth. I would also like it to make an impact on the society that we live in. 30,000 people in not a small number. I believe that when we come together, we can truly make a difference in this city for the future of our children. 

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