What inspires her to make jewellery for babies? - says Dhriti

What inspires her to make jewellery for babies? - says Dhriti

Managing a business while carrying out the duties of a mother, is probably a daunting task! But may not be so for those who think they are an entrepreneur at heart…We spoke to one such zealous Mompreneur who deals in jewellery for little ones. Isn’t it interesting? Hear from the horse’s mouth about her journey!

How did you become an entrepreneur? What or where did you draw inspiration from? 

I always planned to be an entrepreneur. I was the only one in my MBA class who never sat for placements. In my head there was no confusion. The question was only - what exactly would I do? 

I am constantly looking for opportunities. I have been playing with ideas in my head since I was a kid. From writing business papers for budget tourist helicopter services (this was before the first budget airline hit the tarmac) called Tropical Taxis to now Gempetit, I have been busy working out the nature, feasibility and scalability of my ideas. 
When I got started in business, I spent the first few years developing exports for the family business then started a new brand/ a new division within the realms of the existing businesses. 

Gempetit is my first solo flight. The decision to start a baby jewellery line from inspiration, to conception and decision took 24 hours. I thought of the idea and felt very strongly about the opportunity. My husband asked me what I would call it. And then I remember he went out for a meeting. When he came back I knew the name already. Both of us fell in love with it. The nitty gritty of designing, production, certifications, getting an e-commerce site ready, packaging et all took a good 6 months. 

The logo took time as we looked around for the best branding minds who would translate what I had in my mind to a logo and develop a brand personality that I strongly identified with. Also we wanted to have a robust e-commerce site that was best in class. The packaging was a challenge as it was difficult to get the materials in India that could be customized for us. 

What are the biggest challenges you faced? Did you ever feel like quitting? Was there anything/anyone that supported/discouraged you?

I knew I wanted to be a serial entrepreneur. It is always challenging to start a new venture. There are good days and then those days when you wonder why you are doing what you are doing. But thankfully for me, the good days have been many.

And I try never to overthink. I think business is like - getting on an escalator. When on it, you will get off the other side, it will take its own time, you can choose to walk faster, but trying to go back is not really a wise choice. 

What was a 'Oh My God, I have done it!' Moment for you in this business?

The night the website went live, I called a few friends and family and they logged in and started shopping. This was a 'bingo' moment! The products looked great, the site worked and here I was on the other side of an online business and people were taking out their credit cards to purchase from MY site. I was kicked. 

What was a very gratifying moment in your business? 

The 'oh my God! This is sooo cute' keep coming and I love it. What has been gratifying, is the response that has come my way since I started. People approach Gempetit and want to buy the jewellery or partner with us or organize a joint event or want a franchise and that is motivating. They come because they see value. Value is the single most important thing that one must create in a business. 

Also Gempetit jewellery as being seen as a beautiful gift for newborns to ten year olds is a great feeling. Gifting makes 60% of our sales. I am always happy to know that Gempetit is on its way to make a little girl happy on an occasion. I have Aunts, Moms and Grandmothers calling up to ask for a little help to make purchase decisions. I love answering the Customer Care number personally because I like to feel the pulse!

How has being an entrepreneur changed you as a person or as a mother?

I don’t think I have changed much. I was good at multitasking earlier but now I can efficiently multitask double that. Motherhood is by far the biggest change and challenge. Everything else is a cake walk in comparison!

Anything else about your journey which can be interesting/useful for our Mom Readers :-)

Don't overthink. Stop trying to guess what will happen tomorrow should you choose to do something or not. That you will only get to know tomorrow. And only if you do it. 

And you must choose to excel at whatever you do. Whether you are a stay at home mom or entrepreneur. Excellence gives one a high and it's addictive too. And without seeking it, you cannot be an entrepreneur. 

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