Lactation Support in Mumbai

Looking for lactation consultants in Mumbai? Not sure who's nearest or who can address the concern you have? Don't give up on breastfeeding in any case! Read 141 reviews and 213 recommendations by mothers who have consulted the ones in your Mumbai and decide on the right one for you. You will find around 42 lactation consultants in Mumbai. To help you get started, some of the most recommended lactation consultants in Mumbai are Pregnancy, Lactation and Child Nutrition Counseling (Sonali Shivlani), Aloka Gambhir (Wholesome Mamma), Dr. Manisha Gogri.

Anchal Shah reviewed

"Dr Rita Shahs classes are very helpful. The sessions and the exercises are very good. Her session with the husbands was the best i feel , it really prepared..."

Sangita Kamath Pai reviewed

"As a first time mom, during pregnancy, I was of the opinion that breastfeeding is natural and just putting the baby to the breast is all that is required..."

Dr Rita Shah

• Malabar Hill, Mumbai

Neha Desai reviewed

"I want to begin by saying i used to look forward to her class during my pregnancy. She is a warm and a very patient person who would answer all the questions..."

Dr Rita Shah

• Mulund West, Mumbai

Puja Banerjee reviewed

"for first time moms this is almost a must! the exercises are simple yet effective, and best of all the theoretical knowledge she gives is so well thought..."