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This review is about superbottoms bibs( superbibs). Had bought set 4 bibs. Loved all prints. Made of double PUL material. Waterproof too. It makes meals time easier. Not to worry about clothes stain. Very useful for messy self feeding baby

I happened to know about cloth diaper from FB group. Till then my knowledge was limited to langots. I had attended superbottoms event at Chennai where I was happened to meet Pallavi. She was very helpful, explained type of cloth diapers. La ...see more

Hi Priya can u guide me even I want to start cloth diapers but vy confused n scared yar

My boy is 1.5 month old heavy pee n even do potty thrice

How you manage n wash it

Sorry for late reply . I think for him new born diaper is available

Beyond five kg you can use normal one uno or aio

I used to machine wash. Their website has details. Also they have dedicated WhatsApp helpline

Totally worth it.. Looking forward to collect all d designs.. Very comfortable for babies.. Recommend to everyone.. Thanx a lot superbottoms team for providing best for my baby.

I have been using superbottoms since my baby was 1.5months old. Initially it took me some time to wrap my head around it. I was using nappies and disposables(for outdoor) till then. Ones I figured it out (with some help from Superbottoms te ...see more

I hve been using Superbottoms cloth diapers for my baby since last two months.

they are easy to use with beautiful designs & are of very good quality. They do the job very well.. Apart from all these product qualities, Superbottoms has ...see more

I am using superbottoms since 4-5 months. I have one 'super heroes' cover diaper n just bought the 'horn ok please' AIO plus. I must say whatever cloth diapers I have seen or used, these are the most comfortable, easy to wash. and I should ...see more

Shruti Giri I want to switch on cloth diapers can you plzz tell how can we clean the messy poop from a cloth diaper or a cotton insert ?? if with water nd detergent wouldn't it be so unhygienic to use dat water cleaned pad again nd again on baby's skin ??does all the poop comes out from it nd it's a clean nd hygienic process ??

you have to use detergent for cleaning, you can use jet spray or hold it under the tap to get the dirt off...n then u can hand wash it or machine wash it... 
you  should not use  brush for it , that's it...

ohhh thankyou so much dear

If you still have not made the switch from disposables to cloth Diapers and are utterly confused, get yourself to talk to one of the superbottoms team and get all your doubts solved. I am absolutely in love with their cover Diapers cos the ...see more

Thank you so much Disha for this review! So happy you like our diapers. Do try the AIO too, it works wonderfully well especially for longer hours. Will definitely love to hear your feedback on that one too :)

hie what is dis aio ? nd how world we clean a pooped cloth pad ? wouldn't it be unhygienic using the pad cleaned with water which was full of poop ??

Ok so I declare over here that I have become a fan of @superbottoms . I will tell you why :

1:) I feel so happy and safe whenever I put them on that my baby is not jn a disposable one and she is kinda safe from all the chemicals and rashes ...see more

Thank you so much Shrishti for sharing your kind feedback. Happy you like it :)

I joined the cloth diapering group to get informations on how to use cloth diapers , rather than collecting informations ,to my dismay I reached in a state of dilemma ....i was so against of using disposable diapers because of the chemicals ...see more

are the soakers reusable or 'use & throw' in diaper covers for newborn?

Yes the soakers are reusable , the covers can be air dried too ....these are for new born

Superbottoms is superb. I was hesitant about buying cloth diaper, but I will never regret buying this. Great absorbency, comfort fit, free size and amazing designs - what more could a mother ask for her baby! My baby looks very comfortable ...see more

Thank you so much Sheeba. Your review goes a long way in helping us reach new parents

my pleasure Pallavi Utagi, its really a great product...

can it be used for 1 month baby

Shurvi Khamesra yes, there is newborn one available

for 3 months baby  which is good

if your baby is heavy, you can use free size, otherwise till 4 months baby you can buy newborn size. although i would recommend free size as it is adjustable. checkout their page Foram

I haven't received the date when my order will be delivered...
what to do from where can I know the progress...

Shurvi Khamesra you would have got mail from babychakra. you can contact the phone number given or the email id provides...

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