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I liked this service and products! Values and Health Benefits – Ragi - Good source of iron & calcium & a high content of protein Almonds - Helps improve immune system and brain development. Dates - Iron rich food and its proteins help in ...see more

Very nice experience got jaggery cookies from baby yummy and tasty. Made for new moms and pregnant mom. Highly nutritious made with no preservatives no maida no white sugar no option for my food cravings. Recommended

Really increases your lactation and really helpful to boost your glucose level and energy. It increases your milk supply and made from natural ingredients.very helpful for pregnant women and in your early motherhood...

Amazing product... Liked the taste... It's really very nutritious and healthy food at times of hunger.. Must buy... The quality and product packaged was too good... A bit costly for daily basis.. Overall good biscuits

Recently I got two packet of early food From baby chakra and I must say that was not even tasty but healthy food for instant hunger.... I love to have it again

I loved this product a pure and beneficial product for moms to be and also for lactating mothers also perfect ingredients and perfect in taste also very good in packaging i will give this product 100/100 for pregant or lactating womens this ...see more

As pregency time always suggest best, healthy and tasty food for women. In pregency time i need to eat less and healthy And @earlyfoods has come with a solution to this issue by introducing healthy cookies. I was surprised to see the health ...see more

I have a really delicious option for my hunger these days. When you are pregnant or a lactating mother the hunger is real.

Jaggery cookies by @earlyfoods are filled with goodness specially made for pregnancy and breastfeeding care.

I have ...see more

Early foods cookies review

Yesterday evening we received this cookie box from babychakra, the package said they are exclusively crafted for pregnant and breastfeeding mommies, which got me really excited!!

As a baker myself, I couldn't wait ...see more

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I and my wife were in constant search to find some healthy and safe food product for our little one which could be prepared in a jiffy and for a change of taste from everyday homemade food but at the same time something that is not artifici ...see more
My kiddoo loved ragi porridge and ragi almond dates porridge .

Willing to try more of early foods baby food .
I was skeptical of buying stuffs as my dd is fussy eater so ordered trial packs... n my lo loved it.

Looking forward to buying more stuff...

Thx Shalini
I m first time mother and was very conscious and particular about everything which I wanted to give to my baby. Early foods helped me a lot.

It is fresh, easily available and most importantly tastes amazing. My son loves it.

I have used R ...see more
Early foods gives us the perfect substitute to Mom made food for infant's. The brand we can truly trust to feed to our kids. The quality is as required and is as per claimed to be. Here's wishing then good luck and all the best to continue ...see more
I had bought the instant ragi porridge mix and the instant foxtail millet & lotus seeds porridge mix for my then 7 month old. It was a godsend, especially when we were on a 4 week vacation with extensive travel. It ensured my little one was ...see more
Absolutely great stuff. I order , guilt free .

My son has a milk protein intolerance and I would find it very difficult while traveling,had it not been for some of their vegan and dairy free range of products.
Early foods as the name suggests the best start for your little one.My son loves sprouted Ragi ,it delicious.Shalini is so approachable and also ready to customize products .All eager for my next order.
I've been regularly buying Earlyfoods products since it's inception and never has it disappointed. I started off with getting the Badam + dates mix which practically went into all of the milkshakes that I made (goes the best with banana mil ...see more
I had tasted these cookies at my sisters place and wow like how I just couldn't get enough of it . I am yet to place an order for myself but first I came here to write this review. Not just the taste the best part was that it was jaggery ba ...see more
Very good products for babies. Quick delivery too.
My baby loves to eat ragi porridge.. she likes very much.. it was tasty.. thank u early food company.. u have done good job for moms..
Early foods is just the start my Little one was looking for. She just seems to love the taste. One katori on early foods Nachni with carrot is over in a jiffy. My little one prefers it warm, so though she eats it fast, I need to re-heat it ...see more
omg Shalini u nead more than 5stars .... We love d porridge the cookies ... its healthy its delicious all that a mom needs for her baby ..

i cant think of a holiday without hve thm in my bag... super easy to make (instant packs }

thx a ton ...see more
I am a new mom... I started referring Internet for these healthy baby recipes and came to know about earlyfoods. My baby is a real picky eater but he liked the taste of these cereal and mixes we get here specially the Instant Ragi almond n ...see more
I started using the early food products for my daughter with she was 9 months old , she absolutely loved the instant wheat and ragi mixes . It's been over a year since she is having them and iv noticed it's working wonders on her developmen ...see more
My favourite is the ORGANIC SPROUTED RAGI & CARROT PORRIDGE MIX. Which is made of Organic Ragi & Sundried Powdered Carrot. It's sweeter in taste and my baby enjoys it. And it just takes 5 mins to cook. Thanks to early food for making such h ...see more
My daughter loves the Ragi biscuits. Quick fix to in between meals :-)
Just love the ragi's just amazing and the sprouted ragi with carrot.....
Was to travel with my 7 month old and early foods was the answers to all my problems .. my lil one loved it at the first go ... n v still have them back home .. Thx Shalini
somthing worthy for recomending :)

and for sharing with your squad ^_^
All products r really very nice n my babies liking it very much..will suggests to my all freinds to try this 4 ur babies
Tried their dates sugar and ragi porridge,it's truly amazing.Every mother finds their baby fussiest about eating and I am no different at it.But fortunately my LO ate this up without throwing much tantrum.The dates sugar thing is a great su ...see more
Nice info.. But what about the Water purifiers at home.? Even they are made of plastic right? Any alternate for this.?
I'll be honest - I was very skeptical when my wife ordered some of the cereals and mixes - specifically the Dry Dates Powder for our 1 yr old. I didn't think a baby would require a sweetener - especially our little guy who isn't fussy with ...see more
They have a wide range of products to choose from. Love the fact that it's all organic.

Great quality stuff. Highly recommended.

Very reasonably priced too.
Highly recommended to all the mothers! The cookies are the star product ! Thanks Shalini !
Highly recommended for the all the conscious parenting moms who still believe that home made stuff is the best, but find it tough to research and prepare the recipes. Super recommend for all vacations with your little ones!!

About six years ...see more
Products are excellent in quality. I really loved their protein and amla powder. Baby foods are awesome
My little one loves the organic ragi and date mix,wheat almond powder and almond date premix for milk ...

She looks forward to having her meals now:)and so do i
Quality - 5 stars

Taste - 5 stars

Dealing with clients - 5 stars

I m.glad to have found Early foods as the taste of the ladoos remind me of my childhood. Thank u for making such pure and wonderful products that also at such a reasonable pri ...see more
My daughter loves the instant ragi mix...I m very satisfied with the product and would recommend early foods as a very healthy option.
I have had a good experience with most products..huge plus point is that products are organic ..moreover my 1 yr old eats them easily so a big relief
Hi recently i purchased two types of porridge for ny kid 1.5 yrs . he was lil sick then by some throat infection and was not having food .. But when i gave him early foods porridge he readily ate all :-) very happy on purchase of this . its ...see more baby is really very choosy about food...I was in a doubt to order or no.. but I did order plenty of things like dryfruit ladoos, amla powder, wheat alomnd, bajra millets.. dry fruit drink ,cookies and much more at first time itself. ...see more
I ordered sample size Ragi, dates and almond and Wheat and cArrot powders. I absolutely loved the quality of the product and my baby loves it too. I also ordered the cookies for my 9 mo and it is a perfect snack when we go out. The cookies ...see more
Have ordered food for every travel of mine..the instant food and cookies have been my daughters favorite. Best part is preservatives and maida free..
I tried the sprouted ragi n dates powder and also multigrain powder for my son and they were tasty and yummy ,my son loved it. Highly Recommended for everyone :)
Ordered cookies and dry fruit laddoos for my kids. Was skeptical to buy as was unsure as it is baby friendly. But all the food stuffs are without any preservatives and maida free. The ragi cookies are awesome. M in love with the Butter cook ...see more
Thnk u Early Foods for your healthy n nutritious baby food..i've tried all of them, the best thing is that its preservative free n completely natural like home made food..thnx shalini for giving us such great food, my baby really loves it ...see more
I ordered sprouted ragi for my daughter. I know how tedious it is to make the sprouted ragi as we used to make it at home when Raksha was born. Then came Early Foods, from my beloved friend Shalini. I dont have to think twice before buying ...see more
It's a blessing for all moms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My children loves the laddos and infact sometimes even we eat the laddos. It consists of all dry fruits and other nuts. Really a very healthy item.
Received these 3 packets that I had ordered for my doll. #1year.

1. Dry fruits cookies (long time I wanted to introduce dry fruits in her food)

2. Amla pd

3. Bajra & Pumpkin seeds porridge

Ms. A already had her cookie and loved it.

The re ...see more
I've been ordering various things from this website and I've found that not only my son but all of us love the products. The best thing about early foods is that it not only provides healthy foods but they're yummy too...
Thanks a ton from bottom of my heart, to early Foods - Organic mom & baby food. Its not more den four five months I tried this baby food its such a relief for mom's who always worried abt their Lo's daily meals just like me... To give somet ...see more
As a father, I too love to watch my baby eating food with interest and no fussiness. My baby loved the sprouted ragi mix product. The product is so nicely packed and fresh. We love it.
As mother of 2(toddler- 2 yrs & 5 months). Was looking for home made product to start for my DS as I had a tough time with DD( fussy eater) while travelling. We are just like Gypsy who keeps shuttling btwn cities where home cooked foods ge ...see more
Hey Shalini, the products are so original,herbal and natural that it gives a sense of safety while giving it to my kid. Cookies are very tasty and healthy and my daughter liked them though she is very fussy eater and does not like sweet stu ...see more
I have tried the sprouted ragi and my little one love it. It's heinous when you read the content n stories behind other packaged food for baby. This is organic, no preservative and most of all made with mum's love :) I'm soon going to try ...see more
I heard about early foods a little late, but as they say better late than never. All of us mom's have worried whether, the food we are giving to our child is preservative free or not. Early foods has been started by a mother, and it's fille ...see more
I had by second baby after 10 years of the first one, after knowing all the struggles about baby food & all early food was like a blessing, no second thoughts about them... amazing quality maintained always!
Best Place to buy for ur lil one! Its really healthy for the growing baby! Shalini and her team doing great job!
In the current lifestyle where a middle class family lives in an is almost impossible to get oraganic ragi sprout it dry it an then powder it for the baby at home ... Earlyfoods does all this and makes it available for us!!! ...see more
My lo is one fussy eater...these mixes are a god send. ..tks much shalini
My Lil one has crazy food tantrums .. !! So was clueless wat to carry while on a trip abroad ,, that's wen a fren suggested Early Foods to me . I'm so glad I tried all the different instant food mix options . Lil one just absolutely Lurvess ...see more
Within a month of introducing cerelac, my baby boy got bored and would fuss a lot during eating. So, I was looking for some variety of healthy yet tasty foods for him but was scared of trying anything new. I learned about you through one of ...see more
Hi shalini,

I'm michelle.. I've been a regular customer of early foods for months now and this is really a long pending review and I think you giving a 20 percent discount is actually a smart idea for people like me who are a little lazy b ...see more
Its been such a long pending review which i always wanted to write. Frankly speaking i am totally against giving foods like cerelac to babies. But when met Shalini online and came to know about early.foods, I was impressed by the way they w ...see more
When my baby turned 6 months old. I was first very confused about what to feed as solids and then came to know about its product and ordered it. My baby loves Early foods instant ragi mix and I found it very healthy. My baby gained weight b ...see more
My baby loves the ragi ladoos. V nutritious. Plus the sprouted ragi with almonds and dates powder is a regular meal for her. Love early foods!!
Thank u sooo much Shalini for such tasty baby food. My daughter just love the ragi, almond mixture. The best part about the product is its completely organic. Therefore we as a mother can be fully satisfied that we are providing healthy foo ...see more
As mothers (first timers or experienced), we are always on the lookout for healthy food for our kids. For working mothers, it becomes an added job to ensure that we make homemade food in varieties before we leave for work and after we retur ...see more
Had ordered ragi and dry fruits laddu for my one yr old son...n he loved t...

Perfect delivery and packaging...

Keep t up...:)
I started sprouted ragi for my daughter. She was starting to give a lot of trouble with food as she needed variety. She really enjoyed the sprouted ragi. I have now ordered the instant ragi and wheat as well. Especially makes life easier ...see more
I ordered the yummy laddoos both dry fruit n ragi.

The packaging was good n the delivery was quick.

The laddoos were delicious. Highly recommended for kids n in between meal snacking.
Excellent quality and taste...liked by my fussy children.....the best part they address your issues if any immediately...they follow each word written on the pack...
I had ordered the mix ladoos and a separate pack of the dry fruit ones. They were fantastic. So healthy and yummy.
Had ordered dates powder and wheat almond mix for my baby...loved both of them..tastes yummy..

Superb to use when traveling or busy days or when simply lazy..

Made with love for little ones..

Keep up the good job..

Waiting for ur New range ...see more
To begin with I'm very thankful to have come in contact with you Shalini and very pleased with your product.

A new mum.. I was clueless/confused about quite a lot of things..

One of them- Toddlers Food! So the purée stage is now over.. ...see more
Thank you Shalini for suggesting the ragi/dry fruits laddoos and badam/dates powder for my four year old twins. The products were delivered on time and my kiddos enjoyed them. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Would definitely recomm ...see more
Hello everyone..just want to share an awesome experience of buying whole multi grain cereals from shalini early foods.. she suggested d best product after listening to all my queries patiently...awesome packing..timely delivery...and guess ...see more
Great quality food products. My grandson loves it!
I am super impressed with the personal service. My son refused to have porridge as he is teething and wants to bite his food. So they gave me ideas to make other dishes with the powders and they turned out great! I can't ever call any other ...see more
I had ordered dry fruit laddoos, Multigrain powder,and sprouted Ragi almond and dates...nd I have to say I m truly impressed... My son enjoys da wholesome delight.. Thnk u Shalini..looking frwrd for more varieties...good going
Here I m to thank Shalini Santosh kumar Of Early Foods fr the tastier Badam dates drink and The sprouted Ragi powder because it was the first porridge I had given to my little boy after he turned six months as I was very happy to see him th ...see more
Really awesome foods n very tasty my baby loved it. Highly recommended. N very quick service....
Early Foods - Sprouted Ragi (Plain) was the first solid food that I have introduced to my 6 months old son and he loves it. There is no looking back ever since. So far I have tried their Ragi Plain, Ragi Instant, Ragi with almonds and dates ...see more
The products are very fresh, healthy an yummy. It's truely made with love have met the team have seen the products been made and I can vouch that it's safe and healthy, everyone should try the products.
My kids loved it. Highly recommended. Home like goodness.
Being a mother of my 3yrs old daughter whose reluctant to munch on dry fruits.. thanx to early foods fr dere power packed ladoos wid extra love n care.. my girl loved them all.. m d happiest..
I ordered ragi dryfruit treat and panjiri from shalini...She was very co operative and quick on her product delivery... Loved d ladoos n panjiri... Its suprr yumm.. Cant really stop at one bite...
It delicious not only children but we too binge on it. We can't resist it. Yummy.
Thank you so much Shalini Santhosh Kumar...I had ordered multi grain and wheat,almond and dates mix from Early foods online yesterday.. And guess what today noon I received the delivery..Served my baby the Wheat mix and he had it happily..H ...see more
I have a 11 month old boy and almost all cereals i tried had milk solids in it n my son refused all of it because of the sweetness! Being a mom i was worried about what will i feed him nd thankfully this is when multigrain cereal mix from ...see more
I had ordered ragi powder, wholewheat one and also multi grain powder for toddlers. My daughter loved them all(even at the age of 1.5 yrs). They r super healthy with almond powder and dates powder used to sweeten it up. The sweet is very ve ...see more
I had ordered panjari and some more items and I loved all of them very much.
Healthy and delicious ragi and dryfruit laddos ...must try...
Just loved the service. Delivery time least. And taste super yummy. Nachni ladoos very loved by kids so much. Highly recommened
Tried n loved d yummy n healthy dry fruit laddoos!! Thanks shalini:)
I have tried dry fruit laddoos, ragi dryfruit laddoos, curry leaf powder, protein powder and badam dates powder. All r excellent. Apart from best products they r having best service as well. Recommending to everyone.
Have tried the whole wheat, and sprouted ragi porridge for my 10m old. He (and I) both loved it! Such a wonderful concept of preservative free foods for our precious little ones
Tried out their protein powder and must say it's just so perfectly blended with d goodness of all the natural ingredients !! A must try for all the mums out there !! Trust me there is satisfaction in every spoon !!
I can personally vouch for the passion and authenticity that went behind the birth of this baby brand! I can't wait for more updates already!! :)
A great start to earlyfoods! Lots of happy babies n moms to follow :)