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I have tried two PodSquad box one is the cool chef box and the other is monster slime..

This boxes are hours of endless fun for toddlers while mamma can enjoy her cup of hot coffee..

Now a days whenever a guest comes at my house is first se ...see more

I bought a lot of pop squad products from baby Chakra and they arrived a few days later. just when my kid was down with a bad bacterial infection. these pop squad boxes were like God sent to us.

I am a DIY kind of mom, and always thought th ...see more

So happy kiddoo had fun!!! Yay!

not just him... we too

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Very beautiful concept for kids eductaion, Really you are so helpful for my child
Purchased it for my niece. She loved the product and especially her pod. :)
i bought this box for my niece [the dazling doddler box]

she loved all the activities.
This is amazing concept. Keeping buzz naughty kids (especially mine) will be really helpful for parents. Love all the characters.
Best way to keep children busy and mentally alert.
best kit for kids and kids is absolutely loving his boxes!
Had an amazing time with my nephew doing the Crazy Scientist Box activities!
Terrific for kids.. the kids I have seen play with it seem to love the Pods... what a great idea to have Pod connect to children's personalities.
Fantastic!! I spent many hours exploring the various pods with my daughter
My nieces loved their boxes and it has become their favourite thing to play with.Highly recommended.
My son Vivaan absolutely loved the pods and the activities. It's a fun way to learn! Amazing content and lots of different things to keep your child engaged. Great idea and superb packaging! Kudos @podsquad team
Amazing product for the kids of today! Learning combined with fun makes it a great buy.
I bought the Cool Chef Box, for my niece and she absolutely loved the box! she had a lovely time making the cupcakes and setting up her own cafe.
Mishti and I had a great time with 'Pod Squad' last weekend. She enjoyed the 'slime-making' activity a lot. Looking forward to more such crazy stuff :)
A great and interesting product for kids. My son enjoyed the crazy scientist box mainly the slime activity. After creating the slime, he made a human body out of it. Quite an educational product as well, taught him a lot about science. Woul ...see more
My nephew (who is 4 years old) is absolutely loving his boxes! As well as keeping him busy for hours, the boxes have also taught him so many new skills and games. We had so much fun acting out the cards and using the timer from the Crazy Sc ...see more
Got the Crazy Scientist Box for my 6 year old nephew and he loved it. The digital stuff is great too easy to load and play straight from a smart phone.
My nephew who's almost 6 loved his crazy scientist pod squad box! We made glitter slime and played the magnet game together...the Chef box has just arrived! Can't wait to open it up with him and play some more! Thank you!!
Gifted my son The Smart Detective box for his birthday...He loved all the activities especially the Finger Print activity and the Story book. ...He had a lot of fun tracing all our fingerprints...
My 5 yr old son totally enjoyed the scientist box....the activities are very well thought through....the kids are able to do the activities with a little assistance and the learning curve is's amazing to see their reaction. Look ...see more