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I just love the way this product packs in the health element.

This turned to earn a FIVE STAR review from my toddler..The recipe is instant to all those who stock idly-dosa batter at home.This is an easy and quick way to make your fussy b ...see more

6month k babynko de sakte h

Ye 18 month k baby ko de sakte h

13 months ki beby ko de sakte he

6 months baby ko de sakte h??

It is not easy to find a brand who is honest and good and when I did fin Slurrpfarm, I was thrilled because they were both!

We love the pancake and the dosa mixes and love the cookies too!

I wholeheartedly recommend this because they are ...see more

How is it possible that the date we order a product and the manufacturing date of the same product is same

Slurp farm millet dosa mix is a healthy n yummy way to treat ur kid luvs this green colour dosa!☺

I wud also like to recommend to try the millet pancake mix...with banana and choco chips flavour....

As It is also easy to ...see more

I got a sample of Slurrp farm pancake and dosa mix from BabyChakra. Must say they are the so tasty and yummy. I made it for my nephew and he loved it. First time he ate something which had spinach in it ..and didn't made fuss about it.

Than ...see more

They were an easy peasy lip smacking pan cakes which are toddler approved!! Healthy so that mom can stay in peace too

I'm so excited and happy to write my review about the Slurrp Farm dosa which I got from my very own Baby Chakra. My experience with this Dosa was awesome. My kids,who are really fussy eaters, loved the dosa. It was easy to make. All ingredi ...see more this is a long long long overdue review of the Slurrp Farm pancake mixes...Have only one word for the Chocolate mix...WOW!!! The kids loved it and gobbled it up in no time..both my daughter (who is a total foodie) and my son (who is ...see more

Today children are so demanding in respect of the food that a mother have to learn new things so that with an innovative food , she has to take care of the food's nutrients. But slurp has removed this tension and in the small packets we mot ...see more

How many grams is this pack ?

My kiddo likes the taste n feeding spinach to him was never do easy!! Thank u Slurrpfarm n baby chakra for gifting me this delicious n healthy breakfast u..

I like this slurrp farm products. It is very healthy and delicious too. I have tried dosa and pancakes. One must suggest to eat the slurrp farm products as it tastes good.

Who knew Supergrains like Ragi can taste so good!! This chocolate pancake is a favourite to make at hone. It. ssh easy to make, that my 8 year old can do all the steps. Serve with Organic honey or maple syrup, for a yummy breakfast! It helps that there are no preservatives, no artificial flavours and is full of super grains !

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amazing products...fortified with taste & great nutrients..
Thanks a lot Slurrp Farm for making something really healthy for my little daughter. Ingredients of Slurrp Farm cereals are 100% organic and full of nutrition. My daughter loves its amazing taste, so what more do I need as a parent. Parents ...see more
If you are looking for healthy and wholesome alternatives for kids rather than giving cookies that give nothing but sugar rush after which my kiddo goes from being active to super active, These cookies are the thing for you. With no preserv ...see more
Have tried its cereal and cookies both .. My baby loved it but it has no preservatives so it is my fav go to go snack for my baby
A healthy and tasty food for your little ones which is made by two moms. Cookies are made with real butter and are not loaded with excess sugars.No transfat no preservatives. I'm so happy to find such organic brand. high quality ingredient ...see more
Received the samples my baby liked ragi and chocolate cookies so much

Thank u so much
My 2.8 year boy don't like I was trying many times but he not ready to eat even see. Waste of money
Tried the slurrp farm cookies and cereal with my baby. He hates chewing food but he makes an exception just so that he can bite into those yummy cookies. It's a real good snack when we are on the go. Have recommended it to all the parents i ...see more
Yummmmmmmm�� although im not a mother, but i tried their cookies frm one of d stall setup at DLF CyberCity, ossummm, filler, yummmm taste with zero preservatives n natural taste.. .��

a biggg recommendation to all wid or widout kid ...see more
It's amazing.I m love with slurrp cookies as well as my 7 month old daughter like the taste of cereal.that gives totally home made taste amount of sugar n all.thank you�
Tried the Oats and honey cookies and my 8 month old loved them. Makes me feel good that I'm giving him something healthy. It's so hard to get good snacks for babies in India. Thank you for making my life easy � looking forward to trying t ...see more
OMG!! The cookies are so so scrumptious !! We demolished half a packet in minutes..
My daughter loves the cookies. She's a fussy eater and finally have found something that's nutritious and doesn't have to be force fed. Totally recommend this for all kids (and adults too) �