Pigtales is a very unique format that makes it an excellent gift as well as for ones own personal use. The quality of the print and paper is exceptional. I've personally bought the ABC book and loved to discover that some of the best moment ...see more

Pigtails has created a unique experience in the way we teach abc or how we travel with our little ones. It's also a great gift to give on birthdays and baby showers. Go and get yourself one of these. Highly recommended!!! Looking forward to ...see more

Got the book as a gift. My son thoroughly enjoyed the book. Reading about the festivals and also doing little activities about each.he loved it so much that he took it to school to show his teachers friends. His teacher also wants it now to ...see more

Pigtales has created some unique and wonderful books to help capture your little one's journey! As parents, we love capturing the special moments of our babies. Pigtales makes it possible to weave a story around these moments. It's an idea ...see more

I love all of the books. They are so unique from the other (typical) baby books available in the market. And each one is different from the other. Together they capture my daughter's childhood in entirety

I can rely on them for my gifting needs for parents with children. The books are innovative and very high quality and will be a pleasure to use. Keep it up!

Such a beautifully crafted book, to store my child's memories and cherish all the little experience we shared!

Thanks Neha for the kind words!

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