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Thanks happibo for making travel so easy, have tried most of the flavors, my son loves it. I was so surprised to see when my son was eating carrot and red pepper puree with a great liking. It shows the effort that has gone into research of ...see more
I ordered apple purée and banana-blueberry purée for my 7 months old son and he really likes the flavour of these. Happibo's purée boasts a homemade texture. What I really like about these cups is that they’re super convenient if you†...see more
Love all the products.. my baby is 8 months old.. had tried all the purees.. they are yummy and filling too.. Great option while traveling or when you step out with them��
I tried apple cinnamon puree for my 6 months old son. He loved it and I loved it too.. It is so convenient to carry especially during travels. Also serves as a handy option at home.

All the best to team Happibo.. Keep launching new product ...see more
My 8 months old daughter loved the apple purée and the mango and sweet potato purees that I ordered for her from

Happibo! I think it's very fresh unlike other packaged food available in the market ! And it's super convenient too ! Thanks h ...see more
Finally an Indian based baby food company. My one year old loves everything we have tried so far. Very convenient when we need to travel. Looking forward to more combinations!
Absolutely loved the food options for my little one - great for a variety of ages and can be mixed into pasta , with bread, roti or eaten on its own! My 2 year old enjoyed the recipies and khichdis and I can't wait to try it with my daughte ...see more
I tried the Ragi Pasta in Red Pepper Sauce with my son, who is almost 2 years old. He loves veggies and has always preferred chunkier meals since he started solids, which is why I chose this. I tasted it myself as well and felt the taste is ...see more
I tried the Ragi Pasta, Mango sweet potato puree, Carrot& sweet potato puree, spinach and pumpkin soup and the apple puree for my 13 months old daughter and she loved all of them. More than that it is very helpful while travelling. Easy to ...see more
The apple and cinnamon puree was amazing. It has become my baby’s favourite. Thank you for your efforts in bringing these items for our babies. I’m sure happibo is a relief for many mothers across.

Thank you once again.
It was such a relief to find Happibo near my place in Bangalore . Thanks @Happibo for making traveling with babies hassle free in India . My baby loves all the different purees that they have and I am all sorted due to that .
Good, tasty and healthy products.

My daughter loves it.

Made in India that's truely awesome
My son is just over a year old and he loves the Happibo fruit purees. Apple being the favorite. These were great when we were traveling as well.