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I have to say tis has been a mind-blowing experience. First I just love the concept. It is so unique and kids love it. I gifted this book to my niece and she was over the moon. She loved having her momma read her name out of the book and se ...see more
I got this book for my 8 year old niece - read it together with her and have to say that I was as involved in the story as she was and absolutely loved the way the beautiful message was conveyed as well as the gorgeous graphics and colours. ...see more
I have ordered four of these books for my son and his cousins. There are couple of things that I like about these books.

- The graphics and colours. They are very interesting for a young kid.

- The activity box. It makes the stories a lot ...see more
I ordered a copy of "I wish I were" for my 5 yr old nephew and he totally loved the book, the puzzle and the colouring sheet that came along. Beautifully designed book with vibrant colours a delightful read.

Thanks! My nephew sends a big ...see more