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I tried their choco chips cookies and peanut burfi and I absolutely loved them both, the melt in mouth cookies are heavenly and my gals finished the box in one go. I had the peanut barfi and it was delicious and crunch, the small bites make ...see more

Thank you so much for the love and support

Can it be given to 11 month baby

This is a must for every mom. Fuss free and easy to make. I had stopped feeding my baby ragi because of the work it involved. But thanks to nutirbowl I have giving her ragi and all other multigrains to her because it's easily available. I c ...see more

Thank you Aysha for such a lovely review.

Okay it has been long that I was wanting to share about these yummy goodies that I received from @nutriibowl .


The wheat coconut cookies are supersoft and the organic jaggery used instead of sugar adds a great taste to them. I love co ...see more

Thank you Manisha for such a lovely review.

They offer the best homemade cookies (done with love).My baby is very choosy about the food she eats but not once did she reject the cookies.Jaggery used instead of sugar is one of the primary reasons why I rate Nutribowl very highly.

Thank You Arpita

5 Rated
When we hear that something is made healthy, we assume it not to be tasty. But when I had the lactation cookies sent to me handmade with love by Nutriibowl, i was amazed at it's taste. I love the crispness. Also the fact that it contains no ...see more

Thank you so much

Honestly,jowar never tasted so good ,even my kids loved it.

.They makes traditional homemade food that are preservatives,sugar,salt free

Every thing is made in small batches and have a expiry of one month ,with all the details mentioned ...see more

Madam i have ordered cookies on 5th april. Can u please tell whom should i contact as there s no response from the team

Hi Ramya, Thank you for choosing Nutrii Bowl. We have dispatched your order and it has been delivered. Kindly check it. Please let us know if you have any other queries. Kindly call / whatsapp at 9940434900 and email us at

I purchased Ragi and MultiMillet cookies for my diabetic parents for whom i was searching for healthy snacks without sugar. Anitha was quite interactive and she made the cookies with very minimal jaggery and now they are my parents favorite ...see more

Great tasting Cookies! Special about NutriiBowl cookies :: are made of whole wheat flour & Jaggery not a sugar. These cookies are good a little sweet for my Mr.little Handy to carry around better for a sweet snack than a meal.

I got to use the Nutriibowl's powder mixes which are traditionally homemade multigrain powders for babies above 6months. It contains goodness of bajra, moongdal, groundnut, ragi and various other powerpacked nutritious stuff. Its very easy ...see more

I have ordered Bajra moongdal mix and khichidi mix for my baby. Trust me , products were soo fresh and preservatives free, no added salt and no added sugar. You can blindly beleive their products as everything is completely homemade. It is ...see more

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