I was expecting my second child and wanted something. to binge on always. moreover its not fried. not to forget this has become my last resort as a gift to all- birthdays, anniversaries, whatever it be.

Many people do not join Bing rewards as they feel it resembles bribinghttp://bingrewards.inf o Microsoft, however this is in fact not like that.

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For us mothers we find it so difficult to lose weight after pregnancy, we feel guilty after eating almost everything we give up on all the nice food just to go back in shape. But I needed to have my snack at least so finally went out lookin ...see more

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Finally a chocolate bar that isn't full of sugar. I absolutely love all the flavours of energy bars. Being a lactating mother, they serve well to curb my appetite and meet my energy demands. The packaging looks attractive and colourfull ...see more

I have always been concerned about snacking as i'm aware that unhealthy snacking is one of the main reasons for various health issues. But due to work, I have never found time to think about it. It was when I was preparing for pregnancy tha ...see more

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Loved the options in this snack box!! The bars are not too sweet, they are just apt for my tastebuds.. Quinoa products are pretty pricy in the market and here I get it at such a reasonable price, would like to subscribe for it on monthly b ...see more

I had been searching for a snack since the longest of all times. Like lose weight and eat healthy at 5-6pm. Thanks to the healthy snacks. the bar and snacks are so exceptionally tasty. my worry was not to gain weight by eating maggi, poha, ...see more

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Just loved the snack box which has different flavors of healthy snacks and protein bars!! Instead of unhealthy stuffs , I recommend this as an excellent replacement!!

This snack box is the answer to everyday hunger pangs - whether at home or office! This beautiful box also makes for an amazing gift -wish I had discovered it earlier!

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