Have tried their sandal soap. love how it lathers..just have to use twice on hands and it can be worked up for the whole body. the smell is long lingering and the best part is that it is made up of organic oils and chemical free. although a ...see more

It's a certified organic washing powder that contains no artificial brightness, bleach, fabric softener or fragrance. Safe and mild for baby clothes. I use it in washing machine too. High recommended for babies cloths

I used the pigeon body wash didn't like it much then ordered the pigeon soap I did like it but is way too too expensive... I wanted something good at a medium price... N since i was ordering the extra virgin oil here thought I would order t ...see more

dere's only one soap comes in babies ?;

I ordered the rustic art extra virgin oil for my babies massage n I'm v happy with the product... I use it for my stretch marks n also as babies diaper rash... I apply it before putting the diaper he has never got any rashes.... But with st ...see more

I was introduced to rustic art, baby clothes washing powder by a friend and have been hooked onto many products since then.

I absolutely love their shampoo too. if u suffer with fizz ,it's an excellent product for fizz control since there ...see more

Thank you for sharing!

I can recommend this brand to all moms out here. Brought them online. I have been using the detergents, soaps and fish washing soaps. The results have been excellent, leaves no stain, odour and the best part is, it is kids friendly.

where did u order

Organic products are becoming quite popular these days. I started using Rustic Art gel of cinnamon, also vera and orange. I must say its great and definitely I can see the difference. Not overly priced as well and the quantity is good as ...see more

I have used some of their products for my child. They are very gentle, no strong fragrances, effective cleansers, skin friendly. All in all, worth every penny spent. I did not find their products to be too pricey as such because even small ...see more

I have been using their washing powder (both the general one and one for children), bathing soaps, laundry bar soaps, baby lotion and baby hair oil for over a year now. The washing powder is the best of the lot, followed by the laundry bar ...see more

thank you so much for the review. we will appreciate if you could also post the reviews on our website.

thank you so much for the review. we will appreciate if you could also post the reviews on our website.

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