mam i am pergent for only 2 days but i have taken unwanted 72 but i feel weakness vomiting and headache plz tell me i am pergent or not

Hi, u r saying that you are pregnant.Have you checked by urine test or simply assuming? when did you take that tab.. please post clearly..

Hi, few side effects of that tab is vommiting and head ache.U said that u r it confirmed by test or u r assuming?

ya i take teblet but kya ab bhi pregent ki possibilty h

and exatlty report kitne dim me aa skti plz tell me

teblet lene ke bad kya symtops honge jab pergent ho

it will prevent pregnancy if you take it with in 72 hours from the contact.But it is not advisable n should not be taken if you are already pregnant..if you are in the first case, nothing to worry n please check Ur urine test..if it is second case, please contact Ur gynaec..

thnx mam ya its my 2nd chance

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