hi mommies...just wanted to share this technique with all my mom friends...the shhhh. calm and crying baby or to put to sleep...had read it somewhere once that if ur baby is crying just hold her in ur arms...rock lil while making the shhhh sound....

baby gets quite instantly no may drift off to sleep if sleepy....It's a successful way for me...try...

Reema.. I, too, follow this technique to put my kids to sleep. I would rock them to sleep earlier and it would take hours before they doze off. But their nanny would not take more than 10 mins. Later I realized it's the 'shhh...' technique doing the magic.

Reema great technique... Though my want easy with my elder daughter... My younger one loves to be shushed and rocked

Will definitely give it a try....It takes me hours to make her sleep...n she gets up in 10 to 15 mins

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