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Hair today ,Where tomorrow?
I was born with beautiful silken curls which I lost to my mundan (hair tonsuring ceremony). What followed was a frizzy mane comparable to the coarse volcanic sands of the Tenerife (one of the beaches in Canary Islands).
Ours were simpler times, so I went through school just fine. It was only when I entered college, that I realised that people had hair which doesn't puff up on every wash or when left open. People had smoother, shinier, softer hair!
Which is also when I discovered the joys of magic straighteners. They could give me everything I wanted. I worshipped them soon to find a salon which could make my hair "permanently" straight!
A treatment which would cost exorbitant amount of money and time. But I wanted it. I went with the dictionary meaning of permanent, something that lasts forever.
And I wanted it! My hair lustorus, forever!
The initial few months , I loved flicking my hair about and running my fingers through them. It was magic UNTIL the frizzy roots began to shoot up again. Hair straighteners found their way back to me. And of course the morning tussle with my hair. I wasn't having any of it. So I went back to socrers that lived in fancy hair salons. They promised me treatments after treatments and shampoos after shampoo every few months but the despairs of unruly hair kept coming back.
And I decided I had had ENOUGH!
I looked at my mother's hair. It was when it hit me. "It's in my genes and you don't go about messing with your gene pool"
So here's what I have learnt:
* Do NOT succumb to fancy treatments. The results are NOT everlasting. Infact they end up causing even more damage. Your hair looks older than you are.
*Go NATURAL. Chemicals are just NOT worth it. Apply a weekly mask of yogurt, aloe vera, egg, honey and coconut oil to your hair. It will thank you later.
* EMBRACE your gene pool. It is NOT as shaggy as it is in your head.
*Do NOT spend excessive amounts on your hair. What it really needs, is something that is already lying in your pantry.
*Do NOT visit too many salons, they will only make you feel ugly and you are NOT ugly!
I had my Eureka moment five years ago and I do not use too many chemicals or heat on my hair (Cheat moments:an occasional blow dry for a party) but my hair is much much better now.
Acceptance is ALL you need really.

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haha😂 great it is sumira!!!! as always!!

another bomb from you Sumira, agree with you on each and every point, these chemicals and treatments are temporary and make our hairs even worse after sometime. it's a trap, you can't stop urself after taking one treatment, u will need another to fix the first one. it goes like that. same is happening with me, I got my hairs straight about 9 yrs ago and since then I am getting it done every year coz the treated hairs are now lifeless. too good yar 👍

Neha Sharma I agree. . it have got my hair treated almost 6-7 time now. . from hair straighteing to smoothening to keratin and what not . . it's so not worth the hair fall and lifelessness later !! it is a web that we need to get out of soon !!

Girl this is truly amazing....i have a hard time accepting the gene/ dna point

So true!!This is exactly why I never let anyone experiment with my hair!😅 great article Sumira Bhatia!

this is awesome!!!! u are now jhansi ki rapunzel!!!

Very true... sumira.. I have a healthy hair ever... strictly no chemicals... once in a week oil bath... exept no oil other days... adding some ingredients to according to the need.. like... curd for dandruff.. lime for frizzy hair.. Castor oil for natural straight... olive oil for shiny... no blow dry at all... but occasionally do if am very busy... when I was working I have my short hair too due to business..

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nice one..very true..👧👩

Ashika Imthiyaz ooh look at your hair now . . so long and nice! love it !

This is such a fabulous read Sumira Bhatia. I was grinning all through. You have this amazing tongue-in-cheek sense of humour that I simply love! We must tangle up...er...Iean catch up soon

Priya Iyer thanks a lot! definitely we must !! 😊

Yeah i completely agree. Once i went for highlighting. It ruined my hair. Then i sweared not to try anything like that ever in my life. Kitna b menga ho kuch b ho my natural hair r best.

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