Hi... my name is Deepthi..... I'm 19 weeks pregnant and I'm suffering from low lying placenta ... has anyone suffered from this..?! if yes , how many days does it take time to move up..?! please help me with your comments........

can u tell me how to get pregnant or conceive Pregnancy

what your doc says

she told me dat u will conceive naturally all reports are normal

do u have any idea abt dis

problem in conceiving

Hey I had a low lying placenta too... Didn't my first pregnancy..
Which went a bit up within two months or so ...

mine took four months

Also I was explained that with the increasing size of the baby and the belly, the placenta moves away from the vaginal passage

did you guys had any bleeding or spotting when the placenta was low?!!!!

I had spotting for 15 days in my 3rd month!!!

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