hi mommies my 2 yr old has recovered from viral last week but he seem to have lost his appetite. just not eating anything except milk which he takes while sleeping. is it normal after viral.pls suggest

chayanika here is what Dr Aarushi has to say
This is normal. Appetite wil recover with time. Don't worry. Viral may have recovered but body's complete recovery takes 7-10 days to get back to normal.

Hello! Have you tried fresh juices, fruits and her favourite food? Sheera or something sweet? Keep at it and try various combinations..milk shakes and smoothies too.

thanks Dr. arushi and Priya. yes tried all his favorite foods. he is not willing to eat even chocolates which I always hide from him!

Just give him what he likes. don't worry

Yes that's normal. In my experience, milk is a complex protein, difficult to digest so further kills appetite. Try giving him a fruit of his choice. Will help him get back lost nutrients and revive his appetite. And chocolate is dangerous during or post any ailment - for various reasons. Have consulted and confirmed with various doctors and nutritionists on this. My daughter recently recovered from a bad bout of viral fever.

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