Some days back i started weaning off #babykushagri from breastfeeding.. Its an emotional and one of the toughest phase in motherhood, but a very necessary phase to start.. I had shared my emotional trauma on this in part1.. many mommies were interested to know about some tips on weaning off. Believe me THERE ARE NO100% PROVEN TIPS, infact every mother creates her own way to wean off. So I am going to share mine, they might sound funny, they might sound ridiculous, they might be hard, but that are helping me.. so here are these-
🤱Slow and study wins the race- well if you expect that only in a week your child stops breastfeeding, then you are wrong you have to be patient. Gradually decrease the no of times of feeding.
🤱My daughter Kushagri asks me to feed when she is sleepy so that time i make her fool by tellling that its dirty(i applied pudin hara initially but it worked out only for few days), now i make her scared(god forgive me😔), like there is a squirrel comes on our window and she is scared of that so i say she is going to come if you make any sound.. just close your eyes and she agrees, and quickly closes her eyes and sleeps after some time.. this one is still helping me..
🤱 Kushagri is not a sound sleeper i mean she gets up in between her afternoon nap and also at night.. that time she again signals me for feed.. but i try not to give. In night i give her water when she gets up she drinks and again goes to sleep but in afternoon it doesnt work and i end up feeding.
🤱I make sure that she properly eats before sleeping so that she doesnt feel hungry..
🤱 Sometimes she asks for breastfeeding to get my attetion whenever she feels ignored specially when i m talking on phone, or watching tv.. that time i immediately stops talking and rather than being linient i divert her on something else.. means a big NO❌to give up on her attention seeking act.. a big NO❌ to her emotional blackmailing.
So thats the way my weaning off journing is going on.. do share your funny or ridiculous but helpful ways towards it..
Enjoy motherhood.. 😃😃 #motherhood #weaningoffjourney #weaningfrombreastfeeding #momslife

Isha Pal

Very well written....
Thanks for sharing

Naiyya Saggi

Following your hashtags since am going through weaning myself for baby a . Very helpful post!

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