Best Foods With Calcium For Kids🍌🌽🍌🌽🥛🥛🌯🍌
** child’s diet plays a crucial role in his/her development.
** An important component of this diet is Calcium. Calcium is widely known to be associated with the formation and maintenance of bones, especially in growing kids.
**Over 99% of body’s Calcium is found in bones and teeth.
** Here Are Some Of The
Best-Known Sources Of Calcium For Children:
**Milk And Dairy Products:
**Dairy products, especially milk, are good sources of Calcium besides being good sources of proteins, Vitamins A and D as well.
**Milk is the number one source of Calcium in the diets of children aged 2 to 18.
** Regular intake increases mineral content and bone mineral density.
**In addition to building healthy bones, consuming milk, cheese, and yogurt lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity, and reduces the risk of diabetes.
**Millets are considered superior to cereals when it comes to some nutrients they contain.
** There are a variety of millets available such as Pearl, Kodo, Foxtail,;Proso, Barnyard etc.
** Finger millets are a rich source of Calcium with 300 to 350mg of the mineral per 100g,;and can be included in your child’s diet to promote healthy bone development..
**If child doesn’t like milk and other dairy products, tree nuts can be a good alternative since they are rich in Calcium.
**Some nuts to include in your kid's diet are almonds, cashew nuts, and walnuts.
**Almonds contain 248 mg Calcium per 100g, cashew nuts contain 37mg/100g, and walnuts contain 98mg/100g.
** chickpeas come with a wide range of health benefits.
** Chickpeas are a good source of Calcium, Proteins,;Carbohydrates;and Fiber.
**Calcium, along with Iron, Phosphate, and Zinc, found in chickpeas contribute to building and maintaining bone structure and strength.
**Chickpeas contain 49mg of Calcium per 100g. #toddlersatoz #healthtips #bbcreatorsclub #fitnesstips

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