8 Aug ko mujhe office vapis join karna ha mera baby boy us din 6 months complete kar lega bf and top milk deti hu mera office 10-6 hai kuch tips dijiye jisse. Vo me and meri mil teeno ko easy feel ho.

Hi Varsha. Dheere Dheere start leaving your child with MIL for longer durations. Talk to your baby and speak about your going to work. You can express milk and start giving baby. Have a Happy return to work. If you are in Mumbai pls do come to our Breast is Best Event on 6th August. Event details and registration here

Have u started solids, does your baby take bottle from others? start staying out for few hours to know how u r baby reacts...can u come n feed in the noon? Can your mil soothe him when you are not around?

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