I support breastfeeding because:

1. It is the way mother nature intended babies to be fed, babies know how to suck from day one.

2. Soothes babies, relieves blocked noses, prevents ear infections, builds immunity, provides all nutrients essential for its growth, prevents constipation and is easy to digest.

3. Helps mothers bond with babies, keeps postpartum blues away, known to reduce chances of breast cancer, burns calories, improves mothers food habits and increases her water intake since none of us want to feed chemicals from our food to our babies through breast milk.

4. For most FTMs the biggest challenge after their baby arrives is to breastfeed - sore nipples, improper latching, insufficient knowledge and insensitive comments from people around all add to our problems but once you get it right you feel liberated and empowered to face all new challenges that motherhood brings.

5. Babies want to feed all the time in the first few months, breastfeeding saves me the hassle of sterilising and carrying utensils or preparing food. In short breastfeeding is the most convenient way to feed your baby.

Very detailed ! Thanks Pooja

Such a neat summary of all a new Mom needs to know about Breastfeeding!

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