How to keep kids busy in VACATION

Festive season has started and to add to this my kiddos vacation has started too.. So now the task in hand is how to keep him busy so the vacations are fun as well as learning phase for him. To start with I plan my day in advance keeping in mind that kiddo will be around and then plan activities for him alone or where he can he with me ACT like my helping hand 😊😊😊

Vacation should be fun time for kids so we bend mend and twist the regular rules but still follow them 😉😉😉.. So how do we plan our day..

 Involve kids in household chores

Study time

Indoor activities

Screen time

Outdoor activities

On paper the plan looks so simple and easy but we have to tweak it everytime and accommodate them happily in that.

Involving in household chores

Take help from them when you are doing laundry, watering plants, chopping vegetables or cleaning up the place. As they don't have school and this is vacation time they will be happy to do all this for you and will do a good job as well.

Study time

Kids get holidays homework anyways from school which they have to finish before vacations are over. So fix a time table for you kid when they have to sit and study. It can 1-2 hours at a stretch or may be in two sittings. Make sure you are around them so you can guide them help them and teach them something new.

Indoor Activities

This is fun time for them and let them play and do whatever they want. This can be your time as well when you can finish your work. So you can ask them to do some painting, play dough, Lego, blocks, puzzles and anything from the like to do and keeps them busy.  Even a afternoon nap would do in such a case..

Screen Time

Vacation time my child gets liberty to watch TV maximum. He watch his favourite music channel, some BabyTV, sports as he's fond of them - likes to watch cricket, kabbadi, F1 racing.. so I let him spend time there.

Outdoor Activities

This is good for us as well as we can do some workout being with kids 😉😉😉. Start your day with cycling or a walk with your kid. Take them in evening to playground so they can play with friends and you can chat with yours. Play a sport with them or if nothing works sit with them in balcony enjoy your tea and have a conversation.

I don't feel like burdening my child with all sort of extra classes in vacation and want him to enjoy those 10-15 days. After all they are just small kids and when they grow up all they have to do is study work and take care of their responsibilities. So let them have fun let them grow let them bloom let them be messy and have their own time so they remember their vacations have stories to share.

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share how you keep your kids busy during vacations... looking forward for more ideas.. Khushboo Chouhan Neha Agarwal Gayatri Rao Harneet Khurana Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction)Sheeba Vijesh Foram Suhasini Vinod

much needed!@@

He is on vacation from the time he is born as he's small enough to go to school...
By D way I loved the last paragraph too much...
And overall obviously an awesome post this is.

thanks Sonam patel .. don't worry once day care play school and all starts u will be in this mode

will need this once Uday grows up 👍

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awesome one richa!

Good that you shared it. I keep bookmarking all such important post that will be helpful in near future. 👍👍

will need this once my kids grows up 👍

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thanx for sharing dear richa

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Awesome post... totally agree with the last part...

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