mera avi 2mahine or 15 din pahle ceserian delivery se betq huwa hv or mera room third floor pe kya avi chidi chadna safe h plz help me

It's not advisable to climb so many stairs during pregnancy.

Plz avoid kare seediyan chaddhna... At least 2 months tak

Iam not that good at Hindi.Are you saying that u underwent c- sec 2 and half months before?.. if s, u can climb the stairs but at a slow pace.. generally we make the mother to climb the stairs on 4 th day of C- sec itself but with both the legs on the same stair.As is already 10 weeks, u can climb the stairs normally but restrict the frequency per day for 2 to 4 times..

two n half month ho gya h baby k birth ko ab to dikhat nai aahegi na

thank u srujana kona g

If the stitches are well healed.. nothing to worry..all the best

M so sorry.. I interpret the question wrongly. I completely agree to what Srujana Kona has to say.

thank u everyone

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