please suggest sum food which can relieve constipation in 8 month baby.As I started giving him semi solids banana ,raggi ,rice starch and boiled apple.the problem occurred when I introduced semi solid to him .

at 8 months, you can offer purne juice or apple juice to ur baby..this will really helps

Apple juice home made one ,

Yes Mansi... Home made juice

Also if you wish you can apply a bathing dissolved in a drop of water... On ur baby's naval

Give your baby pureed papaya or chikoo (which ever is easily available) every 3rd day.. Your baby will be just fine..

Don't give too much of apple. It causes constipation.

mashed papaya

fresh homemade juice and raw papaya boiled and mashed

Manisha u mentioned boiled Apple, it's given to control loose motion . It can cause constipation so give him raw Apple.

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