my baby s 4mnth old.nw he has a finger suckng tendency every worried to see dat.s t bcoz my breast milk s insufficient for him or s t jzt a habit

just a habit...don't worry

It may just be a habit. If your baby is urinating a minimum of 6 to 8 times in a day, then his milk intake is sufficient too.

Nasheehath, here is what Babychakra's expert Dr Riddhi Chandarana has to say to your question. She has also give u a quick tip :) This happens only on Babychakra!
Hello . Sucking fingers is a tendency most babies have . It's not always a sign of hunger . Now that babies grow , babies have the tendency to explore their world , including their own body . Sucking on fingers is just one of their ways to explore their own body . You will eventually also see sucking on toe . And this is normal & natural .
Please do not try to restrict this or apply anything or make them wear mittens so that they do not do this .
Also this is not the sign of insufficient breast milk .

Quick tip - to know if your milk is enough , check the baby s weight gain & urine output .


hope u find it useful. where are you based btw ?

Agree with Neha.... Infact till a certain age sucking on the finger provides them a sense of comfort. Once you introduce solid foods this habit will gradually fade away.

At what age should we be worried if our Lil ones continue with the habit?

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